Forza vs. GT5...or according to data anyway

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6 years ago#1
Yes, I'm a fan boy whatever, I have no reason to not like XBOX 360, I just don't, and I live in Seattle. >_<

Anyway for those that play Forza vs GT5P and Data on Forza vs GT5, what is the opinion of this board (and yes i know I'm asking in this PS3 forum), but I just want to know GT5 stands a good chance (aside from the delays) that this will be the best racing game to date, and god forbid Forza 4 what's going to happen then?

I looked at this message board and didn't like what I've seen, your opinions?
I get by, in my Shadow
6 years ago#2
1. It's hard to take a topic seriously that is made by programmer.

2. One game is a full game, the other is a "Prologue". Two different things.

3. Type more clearly. Know some things about GT5 before asking a broad question.
Got Gran Turismo 5? lol no. No one does!
6 years ago#3
gt5 should be better than F3. Much more time for them to develope it, and the PS3 should be more powerful than the 360.

SO, if this game is anything less than a major F3 killer, it will be a severe disappointment.
6 years ago#4
/\ Thats what I was thinking.
6 years ago#5

btw I just started F3 and I am totally addicted to it. So I really have no allegiance to either series
6 years ago#6
You're right I should of made it more clear, about what i'm asking, and it is this

1. How do the two compare, Forza 3 vs GT5P (as GT5 isn't out this has to do)

2. In terms of data, and performance info, how do you think GT5 vs Forza will fair?

3. Is it in your opinion that Forza 4 will do better than GT5 in terms of data and Performance.

I know this is a mixed jumble of 4 different games but I'm wondering because I can't say if Forza is better because I've never played it, and I'm not going to say GT is better. I wondered how these racing titles do against each other.

You may wonder why I even bother asking if i don't plan on getting an 360, let's just say I'm a Fanboy and I'd like to know from those that play both, because if Forza is better than fine, but if GT is better or both even out then ok as well.
I get by, in my Shadow
6 years ago#7
1. It's hard to take a topic seriously that is made by programmer.

What are you implying?

I'm a flooring installer, just because I live in Seattle doesn't mean I'm computer savy. although I did get a degree in computer drafting and design, I've yet to find a job doing AutoCAD.
I get by, in my Shadow
6 years ago#8
Polyphony Digital with Gran Turismo 5 have only one goal in mind and is to make a better driving experience than Forza 3. While Turn 10 have clearly won the content war thanks to 500 high detailed cars in Forza 3, as opposed to 200 high detailed cars in GT5 and 800 GT4 and GTPSP cars, it remains to be seen that if GT5 will be a better driving experience for the console audience of this generation (who are not used to difficult games anymore thanks to constant spoon feeding from the developers).

That is why Polyphony Digital are taking their time to make sure that GT5 offers a lot of new features and is a driving game that caters to a lot of difficulty levels and remember Polyphony Digital are doing a lot of these things for the first time and they also had to learn these new things like damage, cockpit views, day-night, weather and the most difficult thing is the optimization to make all these new things run simultaneously without any slowdown with 16 high detailed cars on a huge memory hungry track.

Gran Turismo 5 looks so great because of Forza 3 and there would be no Forza if there was no Gran Turismo so thank you Turn 10 and Polyphony Digital for forcing Microsoft and Sony to spent so much money in order to outdo each other, so I don't care which one is better as long as they keep improving each other and the driving and racing genre overall.
6 years ago#9
I'm giving you guys the benefit of the doubt, I may be an @$$ for saying this but "some" XBOX players are bias fanboys and I can't expect a good answer from them about this, I'm bias as well, but I'm keeping my mouth shut.

Forza 3 vs GT5

I get by, in my Shadow
6 years ago#10
Forza 3 >>> GT5P

GT5 ??? Forza 3

Forza 4 & GT6 >>> Forza 3 & GT5
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