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6 years ago#1

Hi, i was messing around with the 3D settings in the option menu, but i can't seem to optimize it so that it doesn't have a ghost image while playing the game....does anyone know what the best settings are for the 3D? like the convergence and stuff?

thanks :)

6 years ago#2
i thought the default #3 was the best, 10 was way too strong,
6 years ago#3
jaxxsoul posted...
i thought the default #3 was the best, 10 was way too strong,

what about the Convergence level? :\
6 years ago#4
i didn't play around with those settings im not sure
6 years ago#5

hm, well thanks anyways, the 3D is a little rough on my eyes haha, im hoping to find a way to make it better so i can give the head tracking a try :P

anyone else got some advice? :P

6 years ago#6
I like 5 on both.
6 years ago#7
As if anyone actually has a 3DTV =)

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6 years ago#8
The best 3D settings are OFF.
6 years ago#9
I'm having the same issues. On the bumper cam the 3d is great, but then the cockpit view is all double image. I have searched for a setup guide, but I can't find one. It sucks that you can't make the adjustments in game, then it would be easy to test different settings on the fly. Tonight after work I'll go home and really test different depth levels with different convergence levels. I'll report back here with my findings.
6 years ago#10
I find all the haters pretty funny. The post that says, best 3d setting, Off. Why waste your time hating on technology you don't have. Here we are discussing how to optimize our 3D setups and you're input is not informative or educated. And I don't care if you tried 3D for 5 minutes on a demo in a store. You get back to me after you've played Call of Duty, GT5, wipeout and watched Avatar in your own home in 3D. Anyone who owns it, knows how good it is. So hate away, but you're not changing my mind on 3D

Maybe, spend less time on this forum posting about things you don't know about and get a job that pays well enough to buy a 3d tv.

I have a playseat Evo and a G25 as a racing setup, I suppose because that's worth about $800 it's stupid too!
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