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6 years ago#1
B (forgot)
==Atenza Concept '01 [Ultimo Rosso color/AKA red] (Silver)
Displacement:2300 cc
Max power: 170hp/6500 RPM
max torque:153 ft-lb/4000 RPM
Length:4670 mm
Width: 1780 mm
Height: 1435 mm
Weight:130 kg
Power to weight: 7.52 kg/hp
Tuning:Soft tires
==Isuzu 4200R Concept '89 [no color awarded] (Gold)
Displace:4200 cc
Max P:290 hp/6000 rpm
Max T:307 ft-lb/4000 rpm
Length:4630 mm
Width:1910 mm
Height: 1349 mm
Weight:1500 kg
P to W:5.08 kg/hp
Tuning:Hard tires
6 years ago#2
Ic series
Autobacs Garaiya '02 [red] (silver)
Displace:1998 cc
Max P:191 hp/7000 rpm
Max T:147 ft-lb/5000 rpm
Length 3375 mm
Width 1825 mm
Height 1185 mm
Weight 800kg
Power to Weight: 4.11 kg/hp
Hard tires

Nissan GT-R Concept (Tokyo Motor Show '01) [Titanium Blade] (Gold)
Max P:434 HP/6500rpm
Max T:445 ft-lb/3500 rpm
Unlisted drivetrain,length,width,height
P to W ratio: 3.53 kg/hp
Tuning:Hard tires
6 years ago#3
This is very helpful info. If you guys know the others, add them to this topic.

TC, put this in a FAQ.

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6 years ago#4
BUMP board moves quickly
"Rogue, Ken & Colossus BABY!!!" || PSN: iCheatNSpaM-24_7
CURRENTLY PLAYING || Gran Turismo 5 - Marvel vs. Capcom 2
6 years ago#5

cool thanks, I forgot what you get for B silver ....I probably sold it right away.

6 years ago#6
I've spent about 80% of my time doing license tests so once I finish them all I'll try and do a FAQ :D
(wonder why the Atenza has soft tires...)
6 years ago#7
Someone posted this link earlier so now I get to spread it some more. Here
The below statement is false.
The above statement is false.
6 years ago#8
Doesn't have the car stats but thanks :D
Opera performance S2000 '04 (bronze)
Max P:262 hp/8000 rpm
Max T:172 ft-lb/8000 rpm
no available width,legth,or height
Weight:930 kg
P to W:3.49 kg/hp
Tuning:Aero kiits>Aerodynamics (!!!), Sports exhaust, Height adjustable sports kit suspension, hard tires

Mazda Mx-Crossport Concept '05 [K2Red] (Silver)
Max P:248 hp/6000 pm
Max T:271 f-lb/3000 rpm
Drivetrain/Length/Width/Height not available
Weight:1600 kg
P2W ratio:6.35 kg/hp (damn)
Tuning:Soft Tires

Nissan GT-R SpecV (GT Academy Version) '09 [Dark Metal Gray (M)] (Gold)
Displace:3799 cc
Max P:478 hp/6500 rpm
Max T:434 ft-lb/3500 rpm
L 4650 mm
W 1895 mm
H 1370 mm
Weight 1680 kg
P2W ratio 3.46 kg/hp
Tuning:soft tires

Top Gear Intermediate special events
Lotus Elise Type 72 '01
Displace:1796 cc
Max P:116 hp/5500 rpm
Max T:120 ft-lb/3500 rpm
L:3785 mm
W 1719 mm
H 1143 mm
Weight:756 kg
P2W ratio:6.38 kg/hp
Tuning:soft tires
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6 years ago#9
Ok does anyone have like a FAQ maker or something I could use instead of posting the stuff here?
6 years ago#10
I just won a level 23 Zonda which sells for 2.7 mil from the B Spec GT world champs! It's a piece of cake to win using the Bugati I won in the A spec version. Anyway this car is amazing. Way better than the McLaran I was saving up 1 mil to buy.
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