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GT5 won't install/freezes. Not being impatient, a different problem.

#195broncoguyPosted 11/27/2010 7:59:22 PM
First off, I'm not being impatient. I know about the 40min to hour install time. I know about the server lag or 5min wait between menus. I do not receive an error message and my ps3 reads dvds and games perfectly fine. I have a 2 1/2 yr old 80gb fat with 40gb free. Not trying to be rude, just clarifying it's not the usual situations or me being too hasty. The first problem is when I try to install the 8gb. I get as far as 1/4 installed, or between 1,949 MB and 2,082 MB (I have deleted and re-installed multiple times). It never moves past that, neither the bar or the MB's installed (even let it sit once for over 6 hours). When it reaches the 1/4 mark is when the hdd stops blinking altogether, hence the no increase in installed data. When I push cancel I get no response. The controller is still reading because I can quit the game from the ps button menu. Once it quits it makes the "no disc" beep, like when you push the eject with nothing inside, but the game is still inside. The screen either stays blank or resets the ps3, both result in my controller being shut off. This happens every time.

The second problem happens when I choose to skip the install. The intro movie works fine. The problems and freezing happen once I reach the main menu. The music plays for about 5 seconds then stops but moving between other options still makes a beep sound. Plus, the background video/images do not ever show or load. The menu and clock work fine, just with no lobby music and a black background. Though, any selection on the menu takes me to the gt logo where it then freezes. I know it's frozen due to the fact I have had it sit there for over 30min multiple times. Though the music will chime in for maybe a 2 second burst every 2 minutes or so. As before, all I can do is quit the game and have my ps3 reset itself. I have somehow been able to get to the options screen three times out of the countless attempts and tried to install the 8GB that way. But I get the same 1/4 full bar install freeze as with the first problem with the same results. I feel from reading many topics about the problems that have happened, none fit into my category. I have a feeling this will still wind up being the ps3 and not the disc who's at fault, but I felt I would see if anyone could help me in assessing the problems. I also have no other ps3 to test the disc on, so that is out of the equation. Thanks for any help or input...
#295broncoguy(Topic Creator)Posted 11/27/2010 8:37:57 PM
Video of the main menu:

Video of quitting the game: