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Tuning the GT-R SpecV '09

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5 years ago#1
This is gonna take a while but I just want this topic to serve as a changelog
The numbers in brackets mean it references to something later
Overview:Fix the horrible understeer
Parts you'll need:Weight -3[1], window weight reduc (optional), Stage 3 engine[2], ECU tuning,Sports intake, Racing air filter,Sports exhaust, Catalytic Converter, Titanium Racing exhaust, Mid RPM turbo[3],Fully customizable tranny,Clutch twin plate, sports flywheel, Adjustable LSD[4],Torque sensing center dff.,Carbon drive shaft,Fully customizable suspension,Soft comfort tires[5]
[1]:Need to fix weight distribution problems
[2]:Gotta tame the horse power
[3]:My logic behind this is set the top speed to max and fully utilize the medium RPM's...i've found it has a hard time shifting early on
[4]:Optional really as it adds even more understeer at the cost of speed control
[5]:Hoping that once I perfect this, I'll be able to slap on soft racings and turn this into a monster :D

Transmission:Set to top speed
Adjustable LSD:
Initial torque:33 F, 5 R
Accel Sens: 22 F, 5 B
Brak Sen: 7 F, 5 B
Front has more understeer while the back doesn't...hoping to make the back slip out more
Torque split:10 F, 90 R (I prefer the feel of RWD cars)
Suspension:Default (currently tweaking)
Wheel Alignment:
Camber: 5 F 5 R
Toe: -.0.61 F -0.25 R
Brakes:2 F 5 R
Notes:Cornering has slightly improved, back doesn't slip out unless intended, needs better cornering
5 years ago#2
Well now I somehow improved the speed =/
Put in a high RPM turbo, among other things
0-60:3 seconds
0-100:8 seconds
0-180:20 seconds
Notes:Fishtails when accelerating too hard out of a corner, or breaking too hard. Better/Same cornering ability as previous
5 years ago#3
Allright after two hours this is the best I came down to: It handles much better than stock in the corners, accelerates better, and doesn't drift at all. It does however still slide up the track when cornering at certain speeds.

0-60:3 seconds
0-100:5 seconds
0-180:15 seconds



Torque split

Dampers (E):3F/6B
Dampers (C):1F/3B

Wheel Alignment

Break balance
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5 years ago#4
nice... can you find a good tune for the GTR R34 vspec premium? i love the old school car
Send me your replays so I can VOD them and upload them to Youtube!
5 years ago#5
Is this one better than the GTR '07?
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5 years ago#6
Haven't driven the GTR...Also @Xen0 I made this one up myself (2 hours...god trial and error is punishing)
PSN:Seoul_Teamwork (I tune GT5 cars!)
GT5 Tuning quick reference:
5 years ago#7
Just did a longer speed test on special stage 7

0-60:3 seconds
0-100:5 seconds
0-180:15 seconds
0-200:20 seconds
0-230:33 seconds
0-239:47 seconds
5 years ago#8
(everybody loves bumps)
Just realized there's a turbo challenge (GTR has turbo) in Expert that will net you 36k per win in about 3 1/2 minutes...On the high speed ring, which ironically is the same track I tuned this car with
5 years ago#9
Thank you for sharing your results for this.
5 years ago#10
Sum1 with a fully modded gtr v spe race me on the high speed ring. No assists except for abs unless you want it off. Shoot me a psn I want to do sum trials against a good driver.
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