Winning the Historic Racing Cup with little $

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User Info: Liquidus4

6 years ago#1
Well, I should say relatively little money, you'll need ~$150k, but thats much better than the 20 mil racecars your competing agains.

I finally found the solution, like many people on here it is hard to find a car that can compete in this without having boat loads of money. I've finally found the solution, but you may not like it, as it makes use of B-Spec mode.

Winning the Nostalgia Super Car Cup in B-Spec will win you a Shelby Cobra '66. I forget what level you have to be to enter the Nostalgia Cup, but my B-Spec guy is only level 9, and he got to level 9 while completing that cup, so it can't be more than 8.

Tuning the cobra if I remember correctly gets me 731 hp, and a weight of only 916kg. Easily competitive with the race cars. You'll have to spend some time in B-Spec, but I'm level 21 in A-Spec and have won many races and special events, and this is the first car I've gotten that can really compete in this event.

User Info: ilevakam117

6 years ago#2
Lol I just did this actually
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User Info: DixieGunSmoke

6 years ago#3
I can beat the second race, but not the first.

If the Toyota 7 gets in the lead it roars away and I can't catch up. And of course it always seems to start in 1st place too.

Any tuning tips?

User Info: Tupacrulez

6 years ago#4
keep retiring until you get a grid with the toyota in the back half.
the AI doesn't overtake well at that level. you won't need to worry about him for about 3.5 of the 5 laps.
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User Info: corespoon

6 years ago#5
sweet. that cup has been a pain in the neck.

User Info: DixieGunSmoke

6 years ago#6
Just beat the first race.

Restarted until Toyota 7 started in 9th.

Still barely won it, the Toyota 7 was 0.084 behind me, it would won if I did not cut it off.

User Info: BlackDragon

6 years ago#7
I did it with the Chaparrel 2J Racecar. It can even match the Toyota 7, despite marginally lower speed, due to its SUPERB cornering. Not at ALL what you'd expect from a car that looks like a sloped aluminum box with two wheels.

How did I get it? Birthday Exploit '70. :-p The 2J and Toyota 7 are both from that year, so it usually doesn't take long to get one or the other, and you (or your B-Spec driver) can easily win with either. But yeah, even with the 2J, you do NOT want the Toyota 7 to be at the front of the field. >_<
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User Info: Sk0rbut

6 years ago#8
Thank you sir! I already got the Cobra from b-spec but never thought of using it for this cup. Stupid me.
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User Info: HenWee

6 years ago#9
I upgraded the cobra to max ... but T7 zooms by me every time on lap 4 .... soooo frustrating!!!

User Info: blowseph

6 years ago#10
You can also try using the '72 Countach you get as a prize car from the Gallardo only race. I haven't got the credits to upgrade it yet, but it feels like it will do better in that race than the upgraded Cobra does.
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