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how do u get the pickup trucks?

#1RB23Posted 12/5/2010 10:08:17 PM
there are tons of races that i can't get into because i don't have the vehicles to buy. it has nothing to do with money, but the vehicles aren't available. for example, the race where you have to use pickup trucks/suvs....since they aren't in the dealerships, where do you get them? do they show up randomly in the used dealership?
#2EBNR32Posted 12/5/2010 10:09:17 PM
they show up very seldomly in the used car dealership, since i have been playing i have only ever seen 2
#3styles10456Posted 12/5/2010 10:10:48 PM
Either in the Used car dealership. or you can do the IA License with all Bronze and you will get one.
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#4SyaieyaPosted 12/5/2010 10:12:09 PM
you have 3 options

1) get a bronze on the ia license test for a free dodge ram

2) wait and get lucky in the used dealership

3) Trade someone something for a Truck

I personally have a stock dodge ram and a tuned F150

I'd trade you one of them for any mercedes(sub a SLK or a A class), a 22B impreza, any of the 1970's Z cars, or one of the FT86 you won from the FR cup
#5GabbelgakPosted 12/5/2010 10:17:50 PM
Are ford rangers in the game?
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#6RB23(Topic Creator)Posted 12/5/2010 10:27:03 PM
would u trade one for a fully customed lambo murc? i don't need it, it bores me. i want something with power...
#7styles10456Posted 12/5/2010 10:29:11 PM
I have the pickup if you going to trade.. add me PSN: Phantom10456
For every dark night, there's a brighter day - Tupac
#8SyaieyaPosted 12/5/2010 10:37:24 PM
Go ahead and trade with styles, I've got all the lambo I need with my Gallardo

my offer is still open to anyone else who's looking for a truck though
#9ZinmasterbPosted 12/5/2010 10:41:34 PM
I'll give you the FT-86 G for your F150
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#10SyaieyaPosted 12/5/2010 10:50:15 PM
Excellent, I'm sending you a friend request now and I'll get the truck ready to send out once you come up on GT5.