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6 years ago#1
I bought pretty much every upgrade.. when I bought weight reduction 3 my car began to spin out and wouldn't go as fast i was topping out at 230+ now barely 200.. any recommendation for tuning would be appreciated ..
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6 years ago#2
Left everything alone on mine except for Racing Softs and fully customisable transmission to sort the top speed out. Obviously that was after giving it a supercharger/racing chip or whatever you can do to raise the HP.
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6 years ago#3
i wish i had done the same i unfortunately cannot reverse weight reduction level 3 ... its really fast but too light weight i just end up smashing into walls around any turn
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6 years ago#4
You mean the car after weight reduction cannot reach 230+ anymore? Those old classic muscle cars were really never about about taking corners at high speeds but rather raw power and acceleration on straights. You may have to adjust your driving style for that car to counter the weight reduction by taking turns much slower.

If you are losing top speed on straights try adjusting suspension characteristics for more downforce on the nose so you are gaining some grip back and might even get you some top speed back. After that I might readjust the transmission to take advantage of all that.

This you should be able to do on the challenger with upgrades (assumption unfortunately as i don't have it just yet). Otherwise adjust the transmission ratios so the tires will be able to handle the excess torque. If you spin out on starts for a while before gaining grip then let off a bit for a split second when the tires acquire traction and then get back in the pedal.

Hope it helps!
6 years ago#5
How do you adjust the transmission
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6 years ago#6
Not how do you change it what do i change in those settings
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6 years ago#7
In my opinion the Challenger RM needs to be lowered and stiffened quite a bit. You can start by setting the front and rear ride height to -7 or so, and increasing the spring rates on both ends by 2.0 or 3.0.
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