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4 years ago#1
any helo with this? i have done all tracks except the nuriburgring. with the gallardo i do it in 7.10, the car in first place does it in 7.05. the only way i can do this if i drive perfectly and do everything max speed. i was already driving really good and only did 7.10.

whats worse is ive already done this race before they took it off, and i dont remember it being this hard. i easily got the nomad, now i cant do the ring to save my life.

if you have tips, please list car and set up as well.

thanx in advance.
4 years ago#2
I used a stock Gallardo, even de-tuned a bit to meet the PP requirements. It would appear to be the best option. It is possible to win with a tuned Countach, but it's much harder than it already is.

Hate to say it but you just have to be better at the track.
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4 years ago#3
If winning is all you care about, then don't hesitate to track-cut, and use SRF. That's what I did the first time around.

If you're doing it legit, though, I suggest either finding a custom tune for the Gallardo (over there at gtplanet), or use the Murcielago SV stock + oil change + rear wing + non-PP increasing upgrades.

At stock, the Gallardo understeers like a truck, while the Murcielago SV has just a right amount of oversteer, while being also being forgiving if you get on the grass,
4 years ago#4
i dont care about cutting corners or not, i already do that in 1 corner but its not enough. im not pro at the ring, so i thought that without practice 7.10 was already pretty good for me with these bs cars. i can actually do the ring in decent times when i use a f1 car or a lm prototype with racing softs. at least with these type of cars you can brake at the last possible moment without even knowing the track that well and still do really good. not knowing the track really well really hurts when not using race cars and race tires.

learning this track will take too long. thanx for your tip, i will look at gtplanet for a good tune.
4 years ago#5
I'm just about to enter this. Trouble is, i've used my Gallardo, Diablo and Countach, so they are all retired. I do have the money for a Miura P400 Bertone, but don't wanna buy it if I don't have to. Can it comfortably will all 5 races? Or if I get a Murciélago (which one?), then will that be able to win all 5 races?
4 years ago#6
Go get a new Gallardo if you have a preference for understeer, Murcielago SV if oversteer, although if you're going to look for a custom tune I guess it doesn't matter. I highly prefer the Murcielago SV stock. I've no experience with the Miura as I don't have one, but I heard that it doesn't really make the races that much easier.

I found only the random generated track to be the only easy one, all the others are fair struggles. Nurburgring especially so, if you're not adept at it you can win by track-cutting/SRF/dirty driving, but only by the skin of your teeth. The lead Miura does a 7:04 - 7:08, depending on how you roll the lineup. Your first attempts will probably have you lapping at 7:15-7:20. No other way but to keep at it.
4 years ago#7
OK, fair enough. I will probably buy a Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce then, if the Miura will be too much of a problem. Thanks
4 years ago#8
Just about to buy a SuperVeloce. Am I going to be better off adding ballast or reducing power to get to the PP limit?
4 years ago#9
I'm partial to keeping the downforce at default and just detuning the engine first, trying to leave the ballast at default if the regs allow it/adding ballast last. On the flipside the Murcielago is already a heavy lug at ~1500kg (compared to the Gallardo's 1200) so in my half-assed theory adding some more wouldn't hurt.

I suggest just doing a back-to-back and stick with what feels better. I'm not nuanced enough though to see the distinction in the laptimes, so I go with the feel.

One underrated tuning option I would suggest is to loosen up the LSD. I find the 10/40/20 I/A/D default to be too much for most cars. Especially the 40 accel. I usually loosen up mine to 8/20/10 (just a baseline) to make the car immediately feel better. At the cost of being a bit more squirrelly and slightly less forgiving when you get onto the grass.
4 years ago#10
Small update, as I've been running the event consistently enough to gold the ring.

It has 2 lineups - double Miura, and triple Miura. The leader in the triple Miura lineup finishes in 7:03-7:06, which is ridiculously fast. The leader in the double Miura lineup finishes in 7:06-7:09, which is slightly more manageable, but still very hard.

Basically, the leaders in the slower double Miura lineup serve as the #2 and #3 cars in the triple Miura lineup, so when you get the triple Miuras, re-roll.

I used the Murcielago SV, newly purchased, with the following mods:

- oil change
- rear wing
- non-PP increasing upgrades (clutch, carbon shaft, LSD, suspension, gearbox). default settings for most, can't be bothered to tune except
- gearbox set to 316 kph, no trick tuning done. this is a bit too short actually, bounces off the limiter in a draft
- minimal rear downforce - 15
- detuned engine to meet 550PP I think this is at about 525 HP
- no ballast

I practiced enough to be able to do consistent 7:04-7:06 on the seasonal. My practice ground was practice mode, real grip reduction. Tootled around there until I could get the occasional 7:08.

The Gallardo isn't as bad an idea as I thought. At any particular PP level, it has higher HP and is lighter than the Murcielago. But it doesn't handle as smoothly.
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