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Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.17 Released, Previously Purchased DLC Available Again (Archived)FSgamer28/4/2014
Championship question (Archived)warrenmats17/17/2014
Fastest way to level up a B-Spec Driver? (Archived)CodyP200027/2/2014
So, the update removing the vehicle delivery button... question: (Archived)DiRF36/28/2014
How are you suppose to raise much money in this? (Archived)greenmist0136/25/2014
Air of Experience (Archived)fighteraceflyer36/18/2014
Why does GT5 even need a last patch?? Why not just leave it as is? (Archived)tomcatobitrice96/9/2014
Museum cannot be accessed anymore, but nothing is lost forever. (Archived)AnonUnknown26/3/2014
Game gets final update (v2.16) next week, it removes online features. BUT... (Archived)
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I'm giving away cars in my garage (Archived)
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Red Bull (X- Vettel) Golding Challenges (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Corrupt Data (Archived)sparda8555/15/2014
Gran Turismo 5 Online Event Finale (Archived)FSgamer95/12/2014
Why isn't the HKS CT230R '08 faster than a Super GT500? (Archived)DarkDoc55/11/2014
so academy edition is sort of the ultimate GT5 experience right? (Archived)Trasken54/22/2014
Disappearing Track - London (Archived)ashlan_9953/23/2014
GT5 corrupt data after HDD replacement. (Archived)smsmith199023/19/2014
B-Spec Exp question (Archived)TyVulpine53/15/2014
Best GT to me (Archived)OmegaNeuron83/3/2014
Finally I've actually done something important on this godforsaken website. (Archived)MaxCHEATER6413/3/2014
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