i think my boxset is defective.

#1bunslayerPosted 7/19/2010 9:02:02 PM
These games run like crap on my PS2. I thought my PS2 was finally dying, but after testing all my other games they ran completely fine.

All three of these Hitman games have issues with the sound. The speech/music will cut in and out, the sound will skip like a scratched CD, and a weird buzzer sound comes out of nowhere and drones on. Very annoying.

I bought the set new and the discs are perfect (not a spec of dirt or scratch). So I guess I got a defective one. I'm glad I only paid 20 bucks for this. If you see this trilogy set for sale, I would advise you to skip it, unless the price is cheap!

I know not everyone is having problems, however I can't be the only one.