Make all cars (76) available (requires v1.1)

#1SAAM-007Posted 1/9/2008 10:54:24 AM

To make all 76 cars available all you need to do is using this small patch I made that opens 4 new codes to unlock all the cars in the game (and tracks as well).

You can get the patch from one of those links: of the patch) post attachment + Discussion/Tips) ENABLER #2)

Easy to use one time thing and much better then the old way I found - replacing the BIN files. replacing the BIN files don't gives you the Collectors Edition cars and have some bugs (like F1 (and someother cars)don't have specific color and more).

#2N8XcruC8NPosted 1/9/2008 1:56:30 PM

Hey Saam,

Thanks for the hard work so far. I applied you patch and the codes, and i only have 62 cars. Is it because i have the collectors ed. with the booster pack already installed?


#3SAAM-007(Topic Creator)Posted 1/9/2008 3:47:11 PM

62 cars is the 57 + 5 CE.

You need to unlock booster pack 1 & booster pack 2 with the codes: SAAM-BP1 & SAAM-BP2 - that will give you the missing 14 cars (7 cars each code).

It is nothing to do with collectors edition. It should work just fine.

#4Kak WormPosted 1/9/2008 9:58:42 PM
Wow, thanks for the work! Gotta try this out later. =)
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#5N8XcruC8NPosted 1/11/2008 1:33:04 PM
I tried to re-enter the codes several times with no luck. The game says the codes have been applied, but i'm still stuck at 62 cars. Bummer.
#6Atomic WedgiePosted 1/12/2008 9:52:53 PM
It worked perfectly with mine, thanks a lot SAAM!

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#7someguyshandPosted 1/13/2008 3:44:41 AM
Help, not working for me

Component 'COMDLG32.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

I get that when I try to run the patch

I'm using Vista 32-bit edition if that helps
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#8SAAM-007(Topic Creator)Posted 1/13/2008 6:00:31 AM

'COMDLG32.OCX' can be found in the same zip file as the patch (incase you windows don't already got it).

All you need to do is extract those 2 files to the same folder and run the patch. the patch ask for the COMDLG32.ocx from windows if not found it check if it can be found in the same folder. don't run the exe from the zip file because it won't find the comdlg32.ocx if windows don't have it.

#9SAAM-007(Topic Creator)Posted 1/13/2008 6:04:18 AM

N8XcruC8N posted...
I tried to re-enter the codes several times with no luck. The game says the codes have been applied, but i'm still stuck at 62 cars. Bummer.

Hmmm... maybe try to download the patch again and patch the original exe file again. It could be some wierd bug that Booster Packs dont' works.

#10nsL-mANGoPosted 1/13/2008 11:38:09 AM

SAAM pls help me...i have the original PC-DVD ProStreet v 1.1 , and i heard that if u use codes your cars will be limited to 500 Hp or something like that...i want to know,if i use your patch nothing bad will happen? i don't want to reinstall the game again and i really want to know...I need to know that pls reply to me...

Thanks for your hard work...Cheers :)