How to set up Offline LAN Party?

#1smjluluPosted 12/24/2008 12:07:53 PM
I have PS3 and considered myself pretty good with Civ Rev. Able to beat Deity with most civ. anyway My wife started playing and she loves it. Unfortunately, there is no co-op/split screen option on this so we've decided to buy another PS3 and Disk to play LAN to each other (she brags about how she's gonna dominate me, I am here to proof her wrong)

So my question is, anyone how to set up offline LAN party? I didn't find a lot of posts about this but based on the limited information i have, I have:

1) you need two PS3 and 2 disks
2) connect two PS3 via LAN line not to each other but to a router
3) go to MP mode and select LAN.

My questions are

1) can I connect two PS3s to wireless router to find the IP or they have to be wired?
2) can I save during offline LAN mode?

Any advise would be greatly appreciate!!!
#2OroSasukePosted 12/24/2008 3:29:17 PM
Just enter into your computers wireless router homepage and find your computers SSID and wep code, then go to online connection and set everything up( either type your computers ip or default gateway number on the address bar and then type admin for password or type the password you manually set to enter your routers home page) and then go to multiplayer mode and you both can play lan party( but you have to do it for both ps3 or you can use an ethernet cable to connect your ps3 to your computer etc.