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User Info: shelbyslayer

8 years ago#1
I was thinking about buying the Wonders and Artifact DLC. So far I've only found list that tell what they are, not what they do. So I was wanting to know what these things do before I actually buy the DLC cause if they don't do anything great then I won't buy it. Because it's not worth wasting money if they don't do anything that great anyways. So a list of wonders and artifacts and what they do would be great. thanks.

User Info: pevva

8 years ago#2


I downloaded all the packs a few weeks ago. This is from memory, but here goes:

Mythic Pack


Lighthouse of Alexandria -- Galleys can travel thru deep water

leaning tower of pisa -- more caravan gold when other civs' caravans enter your cities

scotland yard -- your great people cannot be kidnapped

seti -- time it takes for your spaceship to reach alpha centauri is reduced


tower of babel -- puts you in contact with all other civs in the world

camelot -- turns all your horsemen into knights

Eternal Pack


trajan's column -- legions +1 attack until someone gets invention

university of sankore -- +1 trade from desert regions

eiffel tower -- all buildings produce +1 science

cristo redentor -- cathedrals stop city being flipped (like walls)


pharaoh's needle - get an advanced tech

tesla's peace ray -- all wars immediately end

Iconic pack


colosseum -- units upgrade faster (eg after 2 victories rather than 3) until someone gets gunpowder

taj mahal -- all buildings provide +1 culture

statue of liberty -- all cities increase population by +2

sydney opera house -- a settled great artist doubles culture production in a city


terracotta army -- all units get scout upgrade

sphinx -- can choose to switch to any govt type

from experience it's a mixed bag for each pack, eg tower of babel is useless really but the lighthouse in that pack is handy.

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