How come I lose even when I have the advantage?

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5 years ago#1
I'm not even talking about Deity or Emperor. On King, an attacking force sometimes takes out my archers who have the advantages, sometimes up to twice the advantage over the attackers. I'ts very frustrating.
5 years ago#2
as you play this game more you really find the best defense is to have offensive units like legions or catapults to clear off whatever the enemy throws at you. its even better if you can attack from a hill adjacent to your cap, cause then you can cover them with single units in case they get attacked. try putting together a horse army to keep the enimies away as well (and to take their cities),
5 years ago#3
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I was thinking of deleting this game since it's making me lose so much time, but I can't bring myself to it.
5 years ago#4

I cheat if not playing multiplayer.  Game of the week I explore the map first to determine the best location for my first capitol.  I also tend to do this if I can save the game.  I first set research to pottery then save the game and explore the map.  This way I can get walls next built for free.  Many times placing my capitol right next to another capitol as long as it is not near the French or Egyptians since their cities may intefere with my tiles.

I can easily win playing higher than King by saving before making a move.  You will notice that the AI is screwed up because it allows other civilizations to move/jump galleys/ships to further tiles and is able to create whole armies or multiple units in one turn while we can only make 1 unit.  Also pikemen and riflemen can take out fighter aircraft and bombers.

Also it seems to depend on when you make a move.  For instance, I attack first and loose.  I load my save and move some another unit first before attacking.  I then win.  I tried reloading and and repeating the same attack first and it tends to go the same way.

I suggest having a minimum of 3 saves to reload.  So that if you lose you can reload or make a different decision.  

You may also notice about 10% of the time if you are weaker you may win.

5 years ago#5
Thanks for the tips. Although I don't like the saving/reloading thing. It's a bit too much cheating for me. I have improved my play style now and I can win on kings. I am trying emperor although I can see that the AI is screwed so I might just stick to Kings (I don't like to cheat but I like the AI cheating even less). Plus this game takes a lot of time and it can be really addictive.

Anyways, thanks for your replies.
5 years ago#6
i agree with the reloading thing not being my style. takes away the challenge of the game if you don't allow for losing. not that i wouldn't reload in some other game, like skyrim, if i accidently shot my assistant in the head with an arrow. but thats a subject for a different forum. stick with king, work on specific moves like settler walking, taking ai capitals, forming horse armies, and expanding with new cities. the ai level in mp is king, so in a head to head you have 3 of them, and only 1 human opponent. give it a try. you will take some beatings, and learn from all of them. pretty much a done deal now that ranked games will be available at all hours until they finally shut down the servers. we're going on 4 years this coming summer.
5 years ago#7

Some even more boring things to do to waste time.  A buddy who has the same game commented on the trophy room.  Different color metals used bronze, copper, silver, gold, platinum depending on level.  Play as each Civ Leader.  Save the game just before winning on King and higher. Then go for all 4 types of wins. This way it is easy to fill up the trophy spots for each type of win under each Civ Leader.  Multicolor trophies and wins look better.  I have the same username for multiplayer if wanting to have a quick game sometime without cheating by saving.

5 years ago#8
back to the original topic, in mp last night i lost my horse army to a single knight, 9 vs 4. i was so ticked off i quit right on the spot. his knight had taken 2 cities from me, but if i killed it i would get them both back.
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