unlocked all Achievements and have all Civ leaders in Gold...willing to help

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200 production is easy. Play Americans. Put a courthouse, factory, workshop and iron mine in a city near a lot (at least 3-4) mountains, with as many hills/trees filling in between as possible. Switch to communism to boost production. Make sure you either a) don't have any cities nearby stealing production tiles, or b) customize your workers so you make sure all the production tiles are going to the one city with all those buildings in it. Remember to do everything possible to increase the population of this city, more population = more tiles worked, then once you get over the theoretical maximum production tiles used, each population working in the city itself can add 4 (1*3+ 33%) production in communism.

For the victories as all civs, the easy way is the lightning round scenario. Build a few defensive units to get armies in your cities. focus on science. Once you get 24 techs you win, so pick the easiest ones you can. Easy 10-15 minute wins. Or you can just play and win on Chieftain. Easy but longer. Don't do it the way I did (all four win types, each game on Deity) unless you really enjoy the game, have a lot of time on your hands, or just want a challenge (like I did).

To get all great people, there is no real documented way to get a specific one at will. It's thought certain technologies influence them. You just have to maximize your GP output. I recommend playing Romans for this. Expand like crazy and focus on researching the following techs first: Invention, Monarchy. You get a free GP for getting these first. Next, make sure you are saving up your gold. You get an additional 2 GP at the 500 and 10000 milestones. Now, why Rome? Reduced wonder cost. Build as many wonders as you can as early as you can. Make sure you get the Magna Carta wonder done as early as you can. Put as many of the wonders in one or two high population cities as you can. Wonders boost the culture output in a city, which is based off of how many population a city has. Put temples, courthouses and cathedrals (in that order) in every city. With Magna Carta, courthouses act like another temple, and are generally helpful to the city by helping it grow/get science or gold.

All of this is to boost your +culture per turn as high as you can so you don't have to sit around as long waiting to generate new great people. To cap it off and fully max out your output, switch to Monarchy (less helpful than you think, it only really helps if you put a lot of wonders in your *capital* and have captured most of the enemy capitals) and focus cities on food to grow bigger. More population increases the static output of the temple/courthouse/palace and lets your cathedrals/wonders multiply it more. Then, you basically wait. You can easily produce a great person every few turns this way. You can also do the same things with say, the Greeks, who get bonus culture per turn, and will end up getting more culture, but it will take longer overall as the setup is slower.

It tends to be either David or Agememnon that is missing. Great Leaders have only two entries and there is little to suggest anything influences their appearance other than random chance.
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I am still missing three people. Does it count if you use a spy and capture them and then settle them in your city?
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It counts towards cultural victory, but as for the achievement, I really don't know. I remember it popped for me when I finally got Cheops as one of my free great people from monarchy 1st research bonus, I didn't steal him.

Unfortunately, this cheevo is one of the two most time consuming ones, as you can't guarantee which great people are generated for the AI even if stealing theirs does count toward the achievement. Certain GP tend to be more rare too, like Cheops, Pythagoras, Marie Curie, and both of the great leaders, David and Agamemnon. Some of the Great Humanitarians I have only seen once or twice, and they tend to be moderately rare too; a typical game I may only get one of them. Great Thinkers appear to be very common in my games, yet I rarely spring for culture.

The civlopedia states that each great person is associated with a certain technology, and that researching that tech makes it "far more likely" that that specific one will appear, though you could easily receive a different one instead. It also makes no mention of WHEN to complete this tech: Is it determined by the last tech you researched before the GP appeared? The current tech you're on when the GP appears? Your first tech researched? Do free or backfilled techs count? Etc., etc., etc. The Civlopedia states which technologies supposedly influence that particular great person to appear (for instance, Einstein is Atomic theory). They are completely bogus apparently, as I've gotten Einstein several times long before Atomic Theory was researched, but I've hardly seen Gilgamesh at all, and I research horseback riding 1st or 2nd in about half my games if my start looks bad.

Using the Romans to power wonders or Americans mass expand +temples/cathedrals/courthouses with Magna Carta can eventually get you to the point you are earning a new great person every 3-4 turns endgame, so if you have to you can always try for that and just keep hitting B after you hae dominated the world, set everything up and switched to Monarchy.
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BombermanX posted...
I am still missing three people. Does it count if you use a spy and capture them and then settle them in your city?

Nope. I was stuck with not having Plato for the longest time despite stealing him at least twice. Need to have them appear organically.

Ended up getting him on the same turn time ran out (2100 or w/e it is). Never got the message he showed up, but I was due a GP and the achievement popped on the victory screen.