What's your highest combo?

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4 years ago#1
Mine is 31. I'll post again when I one-up myself.
4 years ago#2
Funny you should ask, I made the original training hall record thread. Mine is 34 hits. There's a video on youtube from one of the members of the development team doing a higher combo.
4 years ago#3
Yeah, that video is crazy. 34 is up there, too. I don't think I'll be able to get any higher than that, once I start trying again.
4 years ago#4
Well, you just have to try different approaches. I thought I had pulled off something really special when I crafted my 34-hit combo, but once I saw that video I was shown a whole new level of technique. Keep experimenting and have fun with it.
4 years ago#5
Yep, the sheer variety of ways you can rack up combos is spectacular. I just tried using lightning along with fire and rock, and now my record is up to 53!
4 years ago#6
Wow, that's really good. You switched elements in the middle of a combo?
4 years ago#7
Basically, I swapped back and forth between fire and lightning, juggling the dummy in the air, until I ran out of room and finished with an earth attack. Here's an attempted breakdown:

Starting from the fart left of the pit, I did the backwards kick, then the ground combo including two fire blasts, then launched the dummy into the air; air combo, fire blast, second jump, air combo, fire blast, lightning, drop to the ground, jump, mid-air tail attack, air combo, fire blast, second jump, air combo, fire blast, lightning, drop, jump, mid-air tail attack, air combo, fire blast, second jump. By then I was too far to the right to do it again, and the code would keep me from doing that infinitely even if the edge didn't stop me, so I did the air combo and slammed the dummy down, then used earth, and did a final air combo thing. At least, it went something like that.
4 years ago#8
Well, that's pretty cool. This was a great game in my opinion.
4 years ago#9
Yep. I've already beaten Hard Mode and unlocked everything, but I keep going back to the training room and the last fight with the Advisor.

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