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7 years ago#1
hey guys sorry to bug ya but if you could help me with Knights of the Nine that would be great. I got the game of the year edition and installed shivering isles and knights of the nine but its not working? how do you know if it installed and when will the quests be available to me? would appreciate your help :)
7 years ago#2
i think there is a preacher in anvil outside the chapel that you have to talk to
I see that your schwartz is as big as mine...
7 years ago#3
yea theres supposed to be but every time i go to anvil i dont see him
7 years ago#4
maybe you must have played for a certain amount of time b4 the quest. i dunno b/c he was there when i was lv 7 or 10 or something
I see that your schwartz is as big as mine...
7 years ago#5
oh damn i am like 28 right now and i have done everything for all the guessing thats bad now?
7 years ago#6
Hey, im having the same problem trying to start knights of the nine.
Can you tell me, when you installed shivering isles from the 2nd disc was there an option to install knights of the nine also?
I have shivering installed and i got the quest to start it, but i cant find the prophet at the anvil church.
Im wondering if its even installed, since all there was, was an option to install shivering. With no mention of knights of the nine on disc 2.
And i already completed the main quest in the game.
Im just starting a new char. now. Hopefully the damn prophet will be there this time.
7 years ago#7
Nearly every NPC you can talk to should have an option to mention the Anvil attack. Particularly in Anvil itself. It will be obvious if it is installed. Go to Anvil and try to enter the chapel. If a guard stops you then it is installed. It isn't something you should have to search for.
7 years ago#8
Oh and that is regardless of level.
7 years ago#9
Thx fellor's, i finally got mine to install properly. First few times i put in the 2nd disc it only gave me the option to install shivering. But after a few times of ejecting the disc an tryin over an over it finally gave me the option to install knights of the nine.
7 years ago#10
on mine it says both and i install both of them but again no prophet in anvil i talked to everyone in anvil and nothing i went o the imperial city and talked to everyone and waited 24 hours then tried again for like 3 hours and still got nothing.

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