how does frenzy work

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6 years ago#1
im lvl 18
i have a bow enchanted 100 drain hp /sec
some seconds of frenzy i forget but more than 5 i think
and 1 sec soul trap

ive been doing the main quest and not a single enemy frenzyed once, not even for a split second

my plan was if im attacking 2 mobs, i will sneak attack one and let him fight the other ill he dies but i dont get why it doesnt work

when i try to use the actual spell on touch, it rarely works too

its only worked since i was lvl 5 or so

says it works up to target level 25
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6 years ago#2
This may help you get it to work:

That's about the best I can do to help you. I have trouble with Frenzy also though... D:
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6 years ago#3
depends, sometimes it can have a level on the frenzy spell for example "frenzy up to level 10 for 6 seconds on strike"

if thats the case, it will no longer work on npc's since all npc's level with your character, check the level of the spell see if it works
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6 years ago#4
It should be noted that a "Frenzy level 25 for X seconds" spell will work on anything as long as your magic effectiveness is 100%. I don't know how that applies to weapon enchantments though.
6 years ago#5
mine is 95%

i think its been like that since i first started, i assumed it was not possible to have 100

how do i get 100
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tao @ edc add meh
6 years ago#6
6 years ago#7
take off your armor will make your spell effectiveness 100%
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