Cool Custom Class Names

#1aKa_TsuchinokoPosted 5/22/2009 8:16:46 PM
Anybody get creative with your custom class names?

I made a Samurai class once (and then got a suit of blades armor, and only used Katanas and bows. He'd run around with Goldbrand, Ebony Blade, the swords from Sancre Tor and any other Blades gear from my fallen comrades)

I just created a Riskbreaker class for Khajiits. Homage to Vagrant Story.

For argonians, Shadowscale Class. (Requires the Shrouded Armor and Hood to look realistic)
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#3SpartanFREAKPosted 5/22/2009 11:54:34 PM
I called mine Demon Slayer
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Deadra Lord
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chuck norris
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Bloodscale A Argoniean(dont know how to properly spell it) with Vamperism uses blades and bows and a little bit of magic mostly ilusion chamelion for assassinations and alteration for water brething and water walking for quick get-a-ways Freelancer

A Imperial that does Congeration, Mystsism, Alteraion, and Illusion . Is not god and is not evil but will do anything for power
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argonians can naturally breathe underwater...
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The Dog

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The Dog.

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God Slayer

or Hitman