Mehrunes Dagon Curse (game ending bug)

#1eladimariPosted 1/1/2012 11:06:39 AM
This is my first ever game played on Oblivion, the game has 450+ hours and now it looks as if all is lost, the dragon fires will never be lit and the tides of oblivion will consume Tamerial. Mundus will be smeared in time and space with oblivion, the Daedra will destroy the Adrea, Akotosh and the earthbones of nirn will be no more. I will never get to complete the main quest nor visit the Shivering Isles.

Now I have expirenced the occassionaly freeze during loading, which has never been a problem, I would just turn off the console.

But when I reached level 44 and entered my 41st oblivion gate something very strange, started to happen. The enviromental physics became corrupted, the oblivion gates no longer shimmered and pulsed with plasm, the flames no longer wreathed and writhed, the smoke was stagnant. Oddly I could still play and enemies were normal in their constant assualts, but oddly in the use of spells even the magicka of our spells would linger with cosmic glowing auras. But the true game ender was when I found that the corpse smahers would not lift, doors would not open, and the sigil stone is frozen in stasis. I had to reload a prior save back at level 41 losing 50 hours of play and losing various completed quest and multiple oblivion gates. Now I played this back up save, but once i leveled up a few times and did a few quests and gates the problems starts to occur again. I have tried countless backup save and never save the game when the glitch/bug happens. I even deleted out the cache and then started an old back up save, but eventualy when I get powerful or due enough oblivion gates the Mehrunes Dagon curse rears it's ugly head in definace of my hero.

My ps3 is less than a year old and all my other games work fine. I bought this copy of GOTY Oblivion off of amazon back in Feburary and Amazon duped me. They showed a picture of the american GOTY Oblivion on the internet and then sent me a new copy of a french GOTY oblivion in english oddly enough. I have an hdmi cable and the game worked so i didn't think it was an issue. Now 11 months into my game this crazy bug starts happening! I think it is an issue resulting from having an american p3s and a european oblivion, but I am not certain.

MY QUESTION IS DO YOU THINK IS I SHOULD BUY AN AMERICAN GOTY OBLIVION, AND HOPE THIS WILL SOLVE MY BUG ISSUE?(i will have to start an entire new game because the save files won't be compatible)
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Welcome to the Glitch of Doom. It happens on all characters if they're played long enough; usually in the 300-500 hour range but some people have reported getting it as late as 800 hours. It also happens in every version of the game so getting an American GOTY copy won't fix it; your console is irrelevant as well. It's also irreversible so there's no way to fix it.

The only thing you can do is start a new character.
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Wow, out of all the people i have know that played this game since 2006 i have never heard of this glitch!
They must of all never went very far with their characters. The glitch of doom, does it exist on PC as well? Even with all the patches?

Thank for your insight tuch! This glitch of doom is very disappointing, Bethseda never took the time to fix it!?! I guess between Skyrim and built in game ending glitchs it is all downhill from here. Bethseda is selling out to pander to the mainstream gamer and Morrowind will be the best Bethseda game that ever was/will be. They aren't even worried about fixing the games so that consumers can enjoy them!

I think I'm playing Dragon Age and going to be playing Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning from here on out. In Skyrim you can't even make spells, don't have attributes, they have virtually stripped it of any depth in the character development and made it all about dungeon crawling and hack and slash. Just another Bulder' Gate now. All people care about is graphics and eye appeal, i can't stand it!!! and this is always overriding quality game play with all bugs and glitchs fixed, I would rather have a game look like morrowind where I can actually develop a unique character! Well that was my little rant against mainstream gaming and business holding back the gaming industry from developing revolutionary new games.

In Oblivion i guess in my new characters i will just imagine the extra story where if you take to long to do the quest and play through it is the inevetible Mehrunes Dagon glitch of doom where the Daedra prevail, Oblivion shatters nirn, and game over . . .
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a.k.a The A-Bomb Glitch.

It exists in all version of Oblivion, for all platforms. AFAIK not even the unofficial fan-made patch for the PC version has fixed it.

The only thing you can do against it is make sure you've gotten everything you want to have gotten done with a single character in under 200-300 hours.
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my first character i relaxed and enjoyed the scenery, would often stare off into the stars, sunsets, and landscapes

i was a little wood elf thief and had the diffcult way up, a bad strategy since the intent was to complete the main quest and go to shivering isles i had know of this glitch i wont have slacked off so much

future charaters will have to have a rushed pace to them
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Try reading this:

It sounds like it may be the Reference Bug. There should be a patch for it, if this is the case.
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#7WrattsPosted 1/8/2012 9:48:00 PM
^ No, it's actually the Abomb glitch, based on what's been described. The Reference bug, IIRC, is officially patched up in the PS3 GOTY edition.

And I stand corrected-- just saw on UESP that there is an unofficial fix for the Abomb glitch, but only for the PC version. Sorry TC
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Ah I thought those were the same glitch. What causes the Abomb glitch?
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#9WrattsPosted 1/16/2012 8:41:18 PM
I am not a programmer, so I have no idea. But one suggestion in the past has been the immense size of a savegame file. If you observe the growth of a savegame file on the PS3, they start out at around 2MB size and will swell up from there on. IIRC my saves have grown to about 5MB+ in size after roughly 200 hours.

The only common denominator is that the Abomb bug strikes people's savegames at anywhere from 250-500 hours of playtime.