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Can someone post up what every card do, i can't understand them?
#2Prince_ManaketePosted 12/18/2008 3:13:05 PM
i have a website list that has some,

there are 66 total
once i find out all of what they do and what their names are
ps i already have them all (farming, and its really not that hard)
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#3NintenzorsPosted 12/18/2008 3:14:00 PM
Why don't you post the site already man. And no one cares if you have all of them.
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#4MistoriPosted 12/18/2008 6:40:44 PM
azndarkmonkey, if you can read chinese:

otherwise, the other websites are in Japanese which Prince_m posted in another topic of his.
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Isilla Card -INT+2 Flee Rate+20
Alice Card -Receive 40% less damage from Boss monsters. Receive 40% more damage from normal monsters.
Andre Card--ATK+6
Incubus Card-INT-2 MAXSP+200
Whisper Card-Flee Rate+5?Receive 20% additional damage from Ghost property attacks?
Willow Card-MAXSP+80?
Wolf Card-ATK+4?CRIT+2?
Elder Willow Card-INT+5?
Golden Thief Bug Card-Block all Magic Spells (including Support Spells).Doubles SP consumption of skills?
Owl Baron Card-INT+6?
Orc Warrior Card-Reduce damage taken from Brute Monsters by 30 %.
Khalitzburg Card-Reduce damage taken from Demon Monsters by 30 %.
Ghoul Card-Increase resistance to Poison status by 20%.DEF + 2.
Cramp Card-Increase resistance to Poison status by 30%.Flee Rate + 5.
Grizzly Card-Chance to inflict Blind by 10% on the enemy when the user receives damage.
Stalactitic Golem Card-ATK+2?DEF+4?MAXSP+10?
Majoruros Card-Chance to inflict Stun by 10% on the enemy when the user receives damage.
Goblin Card-Add 20 % more damage on Brute Monsters.
Kobold Card-STR+2?CRIT+2?
Succubus Card-MAXHP +700?
Sasquatch Card-Chance to inflict Freeze by 10% on the enemy when the user receives damage.
Vagabond Wolf Card-STR+5?
Wanderer Card-Flee Rate+10?
Sandman Card-Stone Curse immunity. Receive 50% less damage from Earth property attacks?
Gemini-S58 Card-Increase Stun, Silence, Stone Curse and Sleep resistance+25%?
Zealotus Card-LUK+5?Flee Rate+5?
Skel Worker Card-ATK+4?Add 10% more damage on Medium size Monsters.
Spore Card-VIT+2?
Sohee Card-MAXSP +15%?Increase SP recovery by 5%?
Zombie Card-MAXHP+3%?
Dark Lord Card-Death immunity? Decrease Shadow property damage by 10%?
Thara Frog Card-Reduce damage taken from Demi-Human Monsters by 30%?
Tarou Card-STR+3?
Punk Card-CRIT+6?
Diabolic Card-Gain 1 SP each time a Demon monster is killed by Physical Melee Attack.
#6darkne3sPosted 12/18/2008 7:23:50 PM
Detardeurus Card-Freeze immunity.
Desert Wolf Card-ATK+4?Add 10% more damage on Small size Monsters.
Deviruchi Card-STR+1?Blind immunity?
Male Thief Bug Card-AGI+5?
Dracula Card-At 10% chance, 5% of damage is given back as SP?
Drainliar Card-Add 20 % more damage on Water Property Monsters.
Drops Card-DEX+5?HIT+5?
High Orc Card-Reflect 10% of damage back to monster?
Hydrolancer Card-Decrease Holy property attack damage by 10%?
Bapho Jr Card-AGI+5?CRIT+2?
Beetle King Card-Gain 1 SP each time a Fish monster is killed by Physical Melee Attack.
Big Foot Card-Reduce damage taken from Insect monsters by 30%?
Familiar Card-ATK+2?10% chance to inflict Blind status every attack?
Phreeoni Card-HIT+100?MATK+2%?MAXSP+20?
PecoPeco Card-MAXHP+5%?
Poison Spore-Poison immunity?
Hornet Card-STR+3?ATK+3?
Poporing Card-Increase Poison tolerance by 10%?
Poring Card-LUK+5?
Bongun Card-Increase physical attack skills damage by 25%?
Marin Card-Increase Water property attacks by 10%?
Mandragora Card-INT+3?LUK+1?MATK+5?
Mini-Demon Card-Add 20% more damage on Brute monsters, but receives 20% more damage from Brute monsters?
Minorous Card-ATK+3?Add 10% more damage on Large size Monsters.
Mimic Card-Increase items drop rate by 2%?
Munak Card-DEF+1?15% tolerance against Stone Curse. Receive 5% less damage of Earth property attacks?
Remover Card-MAXHP? +400?
Raydric Archer Card-Bow damage +10%?
Rodda Frog Card-MAXHP? +200?MAXSP? +50?
Baby Desert Wolf Card-INT+1?
Hode Card-Flee Rate+5?Decrease 30% damage from Earth Property attacks?

I got this off from a site.Not sure if it's correct either
#7nihil_exPosted 12/18/2008 7:27:06 PM
yeah they're mostly correct from what I've checked against my own translations
actually they seem unchanged from regular RO card effects

mind posting up that website you mentioned ?
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Omg thank you very guys!!!
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it is sad to know that these cards drop so often when in the pc version the drop rate is like crap......
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