Katar double attack?

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8 years ago#1
I think I read somewhere that you can still do double attacks with katar based weapons as a sin in RO DS, unlike the PC RO. Is this true? If that is the case I'm gonna get dex instead of luk.

Also I was wondering how do you open up more quests at the bar in prontera? I have all on page 1 unlocked except for 2 of them that still have ???? on them.
8 years ago#2
dex only get to like 16

i have 16 dex
and own still all the bosses

(tho for later im going to get pherroni)

dex really actually is just a worthless stat
some people on the boards just have 1 and hit most the time

also yes im an assassin and katar double attack owns

im going for High agi and str
and some luk
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8 years ago#3
Awesome thanks for the confirmation. Why are you getting some luck though? If it works the way it does in iRO crits cancel double attacks out, are you getting it for perfect dodge?
8 years ago#4
Also can anyone else confirm this?
8 years ago#5
Katar doesnt do 2 hits normally now, but it works with double attack

and crit DOES work with double attack, so go ahead and put luk XD
*Claims Onodera Makoto*
8 years ago#6
the dmg is equal for both attacks in double attack

so you do 164 once
the other one will; do 164 too

and if u get critical
the other one gets critical
Currently playing Ragnarok online DS, Fire emblem DS, Luminous Arc, Chrono Trigger ds
8 years ago#7
Wow thats pretty crazy that crits work with double attack haha, but I guess since katars only do 1 attack without double attack its almost the same as iRO then.
8 years ago#8
Using katar on ragnarok online PC double your chance of striking a critical,luck increases critical rate and perfect dodge,dex was a useless stats on ragnarok to assasin since critical assasins have a critical rate near ´´100 %´´ ,but dexterity increase chance to hit and minimal damage.
A critical strike on ragnarok means that your atack pierce the enemy ´´defense´´ from equipment and also that the atacks hits(obvious).
You have in this game two defenses, the vitality defense and equipment defense,for example:
a monster atacks you pysically and cause 120 damage, but you have 30 vitality defense and 50 equipment defense, that means that the atack of this monster will be reduced like 120/50=60(equipment defense means the percentage that the atack will be reduced) after the equipment defense enter the vitality defense 60-30=30 so you will take 30 of damage.
Inteligence and magic defense works as the same relation beetween vitality and psycal defense.
All classes when they level up their base level they get a bonus of 1 to dodge and the chance to hit.
I am still trying to get this game, i played ragnarok online a long time ago on Brazil but i need some help if what i said also work on this game.
8 years ago#9
Can assassins walk while hidden in this game?
8 years ago#10
Someone help elelement above because all my knowledge is base on ragnarok Online PC.

Assasins on the pc version could only hide on tiles nears the walls and they also have increased movement speed while hiding, they could also do a skill called grim tooth when in hide mode but grim tooth cost so much sp to do litle damage unless you are a cross assasin really strong and have some blue potions with you.
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