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8 years ago#1
Right now, I have a +3 Rudra Bow (I do believe that it's a Rudra Bow) with 3 slots. And since it's +3 now, it's best that I start filling the slots.

I know that the best card for a bow is probably a Drops card. But I really want to know if there are some other choices. I personally like a card that stuns the monster, which should be a Savavge Babe card, but seeing that there are no Savage Babe in the game, are there any other cards that works on a bow?
8 years ago#2
If you got rudra bow.. I would suggest save the critical +6 card later.(If you intended for the critical build and own mirage tower later.)
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8 years ago#3
Here's several card options you can go for:

Crit build: 3x Mobster Card (+6 critical each card)
+ 2 kobolds on accessory (+2 str, +2 critical)


Skill spamming build:
3x Skeleton Worker card (+3 atk, 10% increase damage on medium size monster)
3x Minotaur Card (+3 atk, 10% increase damage on large size monster)
+ bongun on accessory (+25% more damage when using physical skills per card)

Most monsters in game are medium size, but the later bosses you fight in mirage tower are large size. It will just depend on what your skill build is.

Another fun card is 1x Dracula card
(Enable a 10% chance of gaining 5% of the damage inflicted upon an enemy as SP with each attack.)

With Dracula card, even when I constantly spam skills, I don't even need to carry blue pots anymore.
8 years ago#4
If you can't get the mobster cards, you could for for wolf cards. They give I think 2 attack and 2 crit rate, but they're much easier to find.
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8 years ago#5
You cannot plug the cards.

The only problem with mirage tower is the final boss which have insane defense Which render your normal attack card useless. (Oh, try a critical+6 + one Dracula)
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8 years ago#6
what do u guys recommend for what i think is a 4 slot Ballista?

or is there a better bow?
8 years ago#7
Critical +3 Rudra Bow with the arrow that +50 is much better. (Well. Works good in Mirage Tower)
Last 5 level switch to dragon Wing +3 with critical. (Last boss does not work too good with regular elements.)

The story do not have much holy monster.
(Oh you can get the 50 damage arrow from Reydric archer.
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8 years ago#8
Yea, I noticed that the last boss is really a pain, especially when Blitz Beat no longer ignores DEF and MDEF
At which level of Mirage tower do I find Dracula?
8 years ago#9
It's level 15 I think, so you're gonna have to go from 1-15 ( I find it takes ages )
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