Getting "Spirits" item unlocking final skills for evey class!!!

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8 years ago#1
Since alot of people have been asking for this... ok...
Before i start please...

Take note:
This quest does not apply to main NPC characters.
Eg: Lucify. He is a swordsman but you won't get this quest.

1. Hire/Recruit any classes to your guild that you desire to get the "Spirit" items, unlocking the final skill for that class.
Eg: Get a Swordman to get Swordman "Spirit"

2. Level him/her till him/her can change to upperclass (Job 30) and get him/her to be "Good Friend" status with you.

3. When you achieve the above, go back to your own guild, visit your kafra and change them to upperclass.
Eg: Acolyte to Priest

4. Now visit their respective classes guild and talk to the npcs standing by the side. One of them will give you a quest.

5. Complete the quest and you will get the "Spirit" item, unlocking the final skill/skills of that class.
Eg: Knight guild mate quest reward you with "Spirit of Knight".
When you change to a knight, you will notice the extra skills at the end of the skill page

FAQs Section

Q: I did the quest but i never get the item!!!
I think you did the wrong quest... There's another quest for your guildmates when they are 1st class. Eg: Acolyte.
This quest only give your guildmate extra job exp and make them "True Friend" status wth you.

Q.Do i need to be the same class as the guildmate's class to get the spirit item??
Nope. You can be any class you want.

Q.Will the extra skills disappear if i change to other classes??
Nope. The spirit items are valuable items that will always be with you after you get them.
8 years ago#2

Q. How to get the "Spirit" item for Dark Knight and Shaman???
These 2 classes do not have upperclass. You just have to get them to "Good Friend" status then follow step 2 onwards.
8 years ago#3
how To get..

Knight's soul:

after getting the quest, fly to juno and go to South Elmeth Plateau <spelling check> and go to the middle of the map for a cutscene and to fight an ugly dragon <i dunno the name>

Priest's soul:

after getting the quest, go to biolab 1F, go to the left room from the room where the back door is, then go to the upper part of that room to trigger a cutscene and fight a Succubus.

others i dunno yet , it would be nice if other ppl would post it :P
8 years ago#4
8 years ago#5

Wizard's quest
Go Bio Lab B1F and defeat Alice at the top center, the area with no monster spawn. The same area as Priest's quest

Assassin's quest
Go South Sograt Desert, top part, left of the portal to North Sograt desert and defeat Wanderer and 3 Goblins

Hunter's quest
Go West Prontera Forest and defeat a Vagabond Wolf. The event take place near the center of the map, slightly south-east.

Blacksmith's quest
Go to Juno's/Yuno's Inn 1F and talk to a npc at the side. He will ask you for the following items: A sapphire, a topaz, an emerald, an aquamarine, an opal and a sardonyx. You can get all these from Alice in Bio Lab B3F. Once you give him all the items, he will give you an item. Return to the merchant guild and talk to the quest giver.

Kwonsung's/Star Gladiator's quest
Go Coal Mine B1F and defeat a Bongun at the top left area, just outside the portal to B2F.

Dark Knight's quest
Go Glast Heim Castle and defeat a Khalitzburg. The event take place at the exit of the Glast Heim underground, the bottom center area of the Glast Heim Castle.

Shaman's quest
Go to East Prontera Forest's (Just outside of Prontera)lake at the top left and defeat a giant willow.
8 years ago#6
I just got my DK,

If i going to get the DK's final skill. Initial i have to Recruit DK as my team

But. i cant find him in the Guild Recruitment area.

So basically i missed out 1 steps
8 years ago#7
Refresh your recruitment page.

If you still can't get a DK guildmate, try changing your job to a DK.
8 years ago#8
If you still can't get a DK guildmate, try changing your job to a DK.

Changing yourself into DK does not help with anything.
Shinobu-Maehara -
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8 years ago#9
^ Enable the class to be hired....
8 years ago#10
^ Enable the class to be hired....

All you need to do is to do the DK unlocking quest. You do not have to be a DK yourself.
Shinobu-Maehara -
Now playing: LBP, RODS, L4D, TF2
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