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7 years ago#1

Thanks to Fiesh for the Pictures

the red Lines and dot are where the maps are located =)
7 years ago#2
sticky requested
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7 years ago#3
7 years ago#4
Wow! Thanks so much! I was stuck at Mjolnir Dead Pit B2F for 3 hours. Lol thanks again! Sticky requested.
7 years ago#5
Very useful. Thank you very much.
7 years ago#6
I found this in an old topic:
It doesn't have the all maps, but the numbers show you where you can find treasure chests.
Number one is always the map.
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7 years ago#7
yes but its in japanese lol

anyway atleast it gives you most of the maps =)

It took me 2 hours to find this =)
7 years ago#8
Hang oni'll post the missing ones up soon
7 years ago#9
Good stuff. Does it also show treasure locations?
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7 years ago#10
Guys, I really need help on Eternal sands
which way is it to the oasis
(Viselc's Pollen Quest)

HElppppp >_<);


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