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6 years ago#21
I personally think solo-ing is Blacksmith > Knight > Dark knight > Assassin > Taekwon > Hunter > Priest > Wizard/Shaman

With max attack, 3 minorous cards, Magnitute from BS one hit KOs owl baron, succubus. That is really fast compare to knight or dark knight since they have to spam bash/pierce and death blade a few times before the room gets cleaned. So if you are running the MT with a lot of "Defeat all monsters", a BS is always faster.

I never tried solo-ing with Shaman but I tried Wizard, with 999 Matk it takes forever to beat the final boss because of its massive Mdef. You will average in the 100s for a multiple hits with Doomsday (final skill).... Plus it heals almost as fast as you hit him when he's down to low health... I am guessing Shaman can't do better damage too. Hunter is really underrated I think. with Ogre tooth from the 50th floor + the dagger final skill and traps, it can actually defeat the final boss within 3 minutes, not that bad.

Of course, my list assumes you rebirthed for a number of times to max a few stats. This is only my opinion too! I specialize in Pierce knight so I may be wrong about others.
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6 years ago#22
I tried hunter with Orge tooth 4 slots with Fironie+3Minorous card with that final skill too...I think it is not that good compare to those upper tier. And when It comes to "Defeat all monster" mission, my hunter tend to not survive. I never tried wizard before,so I didn't know that, but trust me, you don't want to try as Shaman >.< I manage to beat 45 floor boss when I decided to quit since I know I won't have any chance against final boss.

The reason I gave Priest above Hunter is that Priest tend to be tougher in Defense and better when it comes to team support, but when it comes to solo, Priest don't have any attack move which can be use efficiency. Thus, I don't think soloing with Priest is even possible. It just that The first time I beat tower is me as priest and my brother with bs while we both have very few rebirth and very low level (without magnitute at that time since he didn't have BS spirit.) Heck, we didn't even have mejingard yet, too.

The reason I put Knight above BS is that you can get pierce as soon as you change to knight. So, you can go and beat MT as soon as you change to knight without having to level up first. And Magnitude drain SP very fast compare to pierce which I don't have to worry about wearing GTB shield.

But you are right about Hunter is being under rated by me since I put it in the wrong place. I meant Hunter is as the same tier as Priest not the lower tier.
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6 years ago#23
uh...yeah, sorry but what's ogre tooth? >.<
Is it a bow? The best bow I have right now is 4-slot Ballista, with Oridecon arrows.

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6 years ago#24
Pichtt I think I understand where you are coming from about priest and I agree! But I said I assume you have maxed out a few stats. If you use magnitude enough it will only cost you 30 SP per usage. And with high stats in INT you will never run out of it.

I soloed the MT with hunter when I can have STR AGI VIT maxed already, given that I use a few pots. So I don't die easily. And if using pots isn't an option, the best would be Knight I agree, since Brionac can absorb HP from the large amount of piercing monsters. And DK too with Bloody crash absorbing HP.

I am talking solely about the amount of time the character spends in the MT. So that's why I had that list up there! But yeah you are right too not trying to argue with you here don't get me wrong. Just we were talking about the same thing on different different perspectives. =)

And Ogre Tooth is a 200 damage dagger that drops on the 50th floor!. Hunters can equip that dagger and utilize its final skill Falcon Arrow(Claw? Forgot the name). You should try it out since in my opinion it is better than using a bow.
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6 years ago#25
Ah, so you did a lot more limit break than me then. I also respect your point of view, just that for someone with only around 1000point to play around at level 1, is what I get. I see that you have points to give your BS some INT and your hunter some VIT. If that is the case, the weakness I see in them will be totally gone. Specially, my lack of experience as wizard is one problem I didn't mentioned >.<

On a side note...Real hunter don't use bow. Knife rocks!
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6 years ago#26
in RODS, Hunter traps and falcon are based on Atk not Dex/Int/Luk so its much easier to increase Atk by boosting your Str w/ Megingard than Dex w/o, hence the fruition of dagger build

the best book for SG is Book of Apocalypse since it provides the most coverage against MT's elemental mobs. Legacy of Dragon is great too but only against the final two bosses of MT. Hard Cover Book has the most Atk of the books and Str and Crit but doesn't provide damage bonuses the previous two provide.

all the above is better than sage's diary. the best kicks are the ones with slash execution IIRC Counter and Axe Kick. AFAIK Counter does more damage
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6 years ago#27
ahaha...yeah, I'm already a 63/40 hunter and I've been using a bow...I'm using a 4-slot ballista with 4 drops cards(+5Dex, +5 Hit), and Oridecon arrows. I haven't tried MT with hunter yet, but Blitz Beat is pretty much my main skill.

After I do a couple MT runs with hunter, I'll do DK again because I now have the dark spirit.
I'll still look for ogre tooth though.
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6 years ago#28
I just changed from hunter to DK. I got bored of DK really quickly again though. Too lazy to get death blade of hell impact.so I did another limit break, and changed into Blacksmith. I gotta say, they're good. Good enough to be called rigged. First time I could solo MT all the way, and even cart revolution and mammonite are devastating skills. I gave him a 2 slot mjolnir(frione card, and the other one I forgot). In the last levels of the MT (45-50) 1 magnitude is all it takes to clear the room.
To kill Detardeurus, it takes about, 7-10 magnitudes.

I don't have too much to say right now because my mind is filled with wanting to do more mirage tower runs to get Valkyrie armour. Bye for now~
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6 years ago#29
As a BS, i use a Guillotine with 2 Hornets and 2 Hoodlums (trying for 4 Hoodlums next time)
DK is either Excalibur or Tyrfing with 4 Hoodlums each
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6 years ago#30
For basically every class that can use it, I use Mjolnir. 250 ATk, +15 STR and +40(i'm not too sure.) DEX. Unfortunately I only have 2 slot ones.

QUESTION: How often does tyrfing take away hp? and how much does it take? I have a 4 slot one but i'm not sure if I'll use it.

Current news: I am AFK training my swordsman for extra job levels before I turn Knight. AFK doesn't make that much sense now that I think about it, after all, we're playing on DS.

QUESTION: What is a good, or the best 1 handed spear? Is it Geledria? If there aren't any good ones, then maybe I'll try to find a 4 slot brionac.
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