need help with the box inthe back room at zeke's

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9 years ago#1
I can't figure out the combination to open the box help...................
9 years ago#2
The clue to that one is in the French vacation letter that is fastened to the top of the box and the numbers that are written with what are supposed to be references to lines from the play, Hamlet ("Some of these don't exist").
9 years ago#3
Is there a book or something that needs to be found to figure this code out? I am just not getting it.
9 years ago#4
The Hamlet references on the blue piece of paper with the letter are the clue.

The letter reads -
La Vergne was just wondrous this summer. We both stayed in the south of France for only a few days to visit some old friends... etc.

The Hamlet references are:
Hamlet: 1, 3 - 32
Hamlet: 8, 3 - 6
Hamlet: 8, 14 - 4
Hamlet: 1, 12 X

I'll give you the first one -
1 = L, then the 3rd letter after L is E, the 32nd letter from E is B

1 123 1234 567 891011 1213141516171819 20212223 242526272829 3031 32
L- av E- rgne was just - - - wondrous - - - - - - - - this - - - - - summer. - - - - we - - B oth

Get it? The rest of the references work the same way with that same letter.
9 years ago#5
Sorry but I need help with this one more time. I have all the letters from Amelindas letter. Are the letters in order minus what is extra or do I have to move them around to figure out the code?
9 years ago#6
You should have 11 letters total that you pull from the French vacation letter. The X in the Hamlet references is meaningless, but the letters that you pull from the vacation letter using the numbers from those references are in order the way that you will enter them into the lock on the box. When you are counting out the numbers from the reference don't start with the letter you just got and don't count spaces. In other words -

The first number was 1 - the first letter is L
The second number was 3 so starting with the a of La count to 3 (aVe) - the second letter is E
The third number was 32 so starting with the r of Vergne count to 32 (rgnewasjustwondrousthissummerWeb - the third letter is B
The fourth number was 8 so starting with o of both count to 8 - (othstaye) - the fourth letter is E

So far we have LEBE - the rest of the letters that you need to open the box are found the same way -

The letter that you are going to use for the combination is the last one that you count for each number, and spaces and punctuation are not counted.

Always start counting at the letter following the one you are going to use for the combination.

When you enter the letters in the combination, they go in the order that they came from the letter. There is no unscrambling or looking for hidden words, just meaningless letters that open up the box.
9 years ago#7
i cant get the last 5 letters can some one please help meeeeee
9 years ago#8
This is all of them -
L - E - B - E - N - U - N - D - T - O - D
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