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Need help with achievements? Look here *SPOILERS* (Sticky)
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Cinematic Mod without stupid violin music? (Archived)zeldafreak123413/25/2014
I am going to replay this..... (Archived)JW ACE19/1/2012
How do i activate cheats? (Archived)MegaMan499621/27/2012
Grachips problem (Archived)steffen46411/13/2012
I almost died when Magnusson referenced that casserole that you could/probably - (Archived)link203737/10/2011
Doug Lombardi: "We are not done with Gordon Freeman's adventures" (Archived)Mikaruge56/3/2011
Anyone notice... *spoiler* (Archived)dslover0023/14/2011
do I need half life 2... (Archived)bladester1553/12/2011
Problem running Source Mods (Archived)Delta123456789112/6/2010
What do i do after closing the roof in silo 2? (Archived)Cjme1110/3/2010
How can I disable the menu screen? (Archived)Rain_of_Miami29/23/2010
Has anyone managed to do the last mission without saving/loading once (spoiler)? (Archived)Lobomoon59/6/2010
How do I modify weapon values? (Archived)Rain_of_Miami29/5/2010
Why...? (Archived)magnusm128/31/2010
I know I'm a bit late, but...*ending spoilers* (Archived)WindMouseHanpan78/24/2010
Enhancements to the HEV suit (Archived)
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Anger!!!! (Archived)Ka-BaMf28/9/2010
T-T-The ending *Life-ruining spoilers* (Archived)Teritoclone58/4/2010
How to tell if neighbors are leeching my bandwidth? (Archived)Compass27/24/2010
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