So lemme get this strait... (hl2, ep1, and ep2 spoilers)

#1vidgameking84Posted 9/6/2008 6:09:37 PM
So Judith was in the citadel shortly before the roof exploded (at the end of hl2) and by the time of the start of ep 1, where you woke up from said explosion, she had traveled all the way to the arctic, found the borealis, and sent a transmission detailing the location and layout of the ship. All while you were passed out. Am i getting this right?
#2Mr HangmanPosted 9/6/2008 8:42:23 PM
That does seem weird now that you mention it. I guess he could have been in that rubble for a while. Maybe it will be more clear in ep. 3.
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#3T-Viral-XPosted 9/7/2008 12:48:17 AM
I'd wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that she was able to utilize some combine tech. That's a really good question, heh.
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#4bhamvPosted 9/7/2008 1:47:17 AM
Well... it does sound weird, but it might be possible to explain it.

The Vortigaunts rescued Alyx first, from the explosion, and teleport her to some unknown place of safety. The top of the Citadel explodes, but Judith and Eli are able to escape. They travel to the White Forest base. Depending on what mode of transportation they use, this might take as little as an hour, but it probably took longer. Judith then flies off to find the Borealis, locates it, transmits the message back.

The Vortigaunts then go back and rescue Gordon from the G-man's stasis dimension. After all, Gordon's in stasis, so he has no way of knowing how much time's passed in the real world. Alyx is transported to a location near the Citadel, where she meets up with Dog and they start digging. Gordon is transported to the bottom of a pile of rubble.

As for why there's a long gap between the Vorts rescuing Alyx and fetching Gordon, who knows. Maybe they needed to find some more larval extract.

So in other words, while the introduction of EP1 suggests that the Vortigaunts rescued Alyx and then immediately pulled Gordon out of stasis, it's possible he was in stasis for a long time, which allowed Judith to do all those things.
#5Ultimate_TimmehPosted 9/7/2008 3:03:58 AM
Valve messed with the timeline and continuity of the story in Episode One. At the
end of Half-Life 2 you can see the GMan putting Gordon in stasis. At the beginning
of Episode One Gordon never was in stasis to begin with. The vorts took Alyx with
them from the top of the citadel, and immediately after that they took Gordon from
the top of the citadel. They blocked the GMan's path so he couldn't reach Gordon.
So Valve did a messy job there.

Perhaps they just hid Gordon well so it would take a few hours before they find
him? But even then, that could not be enough time for Judith to go look for and
find the Borealis. If it took only a few hours to find the ship, then why are they
calling it a mysterious ship? Finding a mysterious ship that once vanished
with crew and everything should take weeks, months, perhaps even years to
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#6Ippongi_RyutaPosted 9/7/2008 6:58:51 PM
Judith is obviously GMan's sister
#7niconudePosted 9/8/2008 11:53:45 PM

How can you be so sure G-man actually puts Gordon in stasis at the end og HL 2. The vorts may have intercepted him before he could finish.

#8NFITC1Posted 9/18/2008 9:59:02 PM
I somehow got the impression that it was nearly a week between the events of HL2 and Ep1. Something Alyx said about talking to her dad. I just re-watched the intro and I didn't catch that again so maybe I was mistaken. It's not unreasonable to think that Judith left the Citadel as soon as she freed Gordon and the Vances.

Don't forget, that Eli Vance was also in the tower and made it to White Forest while Alyx was still looking for Gordon. So it could also be that they both got to White Forest via the same route (drop ship, perhaps). As soon as she got to White Forest she left. Assuming that it was a number of days since Eli and Judith got there and immediately left in a helicopter, she could cover a lot of ground in a day or two.

Since she knows a general location of where it is we can assume that she learned it while at the citadel and the Combine knows too. It's going to be a race there or the stage of a big fight.
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#9fan357Posted 10/2/2008 3:29:00 PM
Timmeh = WRONG. We don't know if he put Alyx in stasis or not. She dissapeared along with everything else. The vorts coming in and pulling her out okay I'll give you that. But Gordon was in stasis. Gman comes to talk to him after an undisclosed amount of time, and the vorts jump in.
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#10Ultimate_TimmehPosted 10/4/2008 10:51:20 AM
After looking at the beginning of Episode One again, I must admit I was indeed wrong.
Reason: It must've been over a year ago I had played Episode One when I posted that.
The second paragraph of my post still stands though.
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