How long are episodes one and two?

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User Info: rollingrandy

7 years ago#1
In comparison to Half life 2, how long would you say each episode is?
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User Info: bhamv

7 years ago#2
For comparison's sake, HL2 has 13 chapters, Ep1 has 5, Ep2 has 7. From my personal experience, that's a fairly accurate gauge of how long they are.

User Info: Zondergrod

7 years ago#3
5 hours minimum for each at least

User Info: Crazee Boy

Crazee Boy
7 years ago#4
Ep 2 took me maybe 7 hours. I like to explore and enjoy the scenery.

And driving is a blast.
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User Info: cither3000

7 years ago#5
I think Half Life 2 is very good, Episode 1 was good, and Episode 2 was excellent.
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User Info: ArchBishopofHH

7 years ago#6
The episodes are around 5 hours each with episode 2 being slightly longer.
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User Info: xboxist

7 years ago#7
Took me 6.5 hours on EP2 this past weekend, as my first playthrough.

User Info: fan357

7 years ago#8
If you are any good at this game Episode 1 wont last more than four hours even on hard. Episode two is around five. Even though they are short I highly reccomend them.
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User Info: Mr Hangman

Mr Hangman
7 years ago#9
Steam has this data you know:

No stats for HL2 though, too bad.
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