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7 years ago#1

But I have a few questions. How far along/or what stage is itin development? How big of an open world (like zelda, oblivion, gta4)? Are there any humans still alive or are there any side quest (like zelda/oblivion)? Multiplayer, co-op? Ability to play as other Horse men, are they in the game?


7 years ago#2
From what I heard, the gameplay is suppose to be similar to Devil May Cry and God of War and Zelda put together. I think by "open world", they probably mean like Zelda or Oblivion cause u can ride a horse but thats all I know. Correct me if I'm wrong.
7 years ago#3
Sorry for dp. There will be no multiplayer. I heard that the story goes as the main character is one of four horsemen of the apocalypse but the others died and the last one who survived(thats the main character of the game) is after revenge. Also the fact that apparently, the apocalypse started too early(according to what I heard).
7 years ago#4
I highly doubt that the other 3 horsemen are dead. In the video diary that was uploaded on May 18th they showed War freeing Samuel, and Samuel says "Here to play executioner War? They should've sent all 4 of you". So I it's very unlikely that they're dead.

I doubt they'll have multiplayer, but I still think it'd be quite possible to add multiplayer to the game. They could have player 1 play as War, and let Player 2 choose one of the other three horsemen to plays as, and all cutscene's would still show only War. Sorta like how Fable 2 let you have a second player play with you as a henchman, except not show player 2 in the high quality cutscenes
7 years ago#5
The three other horsemen aren't dead. IIRC, War will be searching for them throughout the game to solve the mystery.
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