What kind of mature content does this game have?

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User Info: HeroC114

7 years ago#1
I'm personally trying to avoid any kind of sexual content, and preferrably, I don't like every other word being a swear word, because the developers think swearing like a pirate without any thought to the context of the dialogue makes everything better.

I would get Bayonetta... and while it looks like amazing fun, like I said, I'm trying to avoid that type of content.

Is this more of a M rated Zelda, where it is very classy with it's M license, and just uses it to show violence and dark tones of commentary without the nasty business?
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User Info: Deathx113

7 years ago#2
Sugestive themes,-Probably a half-clothed demon or something, i wouldn't worry much about it
Blood and Gore,-Your ok with this, i would guess.
Mature Violence,^same...
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User Info: MaddenBowler10

7 years ago#3
a lot of horse pr0n

User Info: xSithiSx

7 years ago#4
Were not terrible people Madden, Horses are terrible people.

User Info: Old_Sod

7 years ago#5
I don't know about the Mature Content, but I am right along with the TC. That is the reason I plan on getting this game OVER Bayonetta...played the demo and couldn't get past the blatant whorish sexuality. Ugh.
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User Info: SmokeATL

7 years ago#6
Bayonetta is still the better game. But dont get me wrong this game is a lot of fun. The mature content is really just in the blood and gore Tiamat has breast but almost unnoticable.
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User Info: Zweihanderhero

7 years ago#7
It's M mostly for the violence...There are lots of decapitations and other gruesome deaths (lots and lots of head squishing!) involved.

I don't think there's anything sexual about the game at all, having finished it just a few minutes ago. Sure, the angels dress in formfitting armor that shows off their curves but that's mostly it.

As for dialogue, there are no F-bombs being dropped at all. Pretty standard fare, but well written (and acted) mostly.
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User Info: mogstone

7 years ago#8
trying to avoid sexual content??????

MMMMM... you want your blood tts-free?

So seeing a naked body causes you to bang your head on the wall since you are ok with violence.

User Info: foodeater4

7 years ago#9
sex is bad but killing 100's of people is ok!! you people need to chill out.

User Info: provett

7 years ago#10
There is one, that I ever saw, boob that shows up. There might be more but I never noticed anymore than that one. Yes... ONE. Not a pair, ONE!
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