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7 years ago#1

My buddy just got this today and installed it into his hard drive. All the menus and cut scenes loaded fine and then once the actualygame started about 1/4 of the right side of the screen is nothing but blue with some yellow squares mixed in there. The game still runs though just with this strange blue graphics error. He then uninstalled and tried running using the disc and it still does the same thing. He tried a few other games to see if the was the xbox and they all ran fine. Anybody else experience this?

7 years ago#2
not me, haven't seen anybody post about it either, might be the disc. Try to exchange it
7 years ago#3
Many threads about this already.

Your picture, she looks like this, no?

How's your resolution set up? When I had this particular problem, my 360 was configured to run at "Optimum" settings, which came out to be 1024x768. Whilst 99.9% of everything else I ran has been unaffected by this over the years I've owned my 360, Darksiders can't hack it for some reason.

So I went in and reset it to run at the native 720p that my TV runs at.

Voila, problem fixed.
7 years ago#4

Thats exactly what it is doing...will retry and see what happens...thanks

7 years ago#5

That did the trick....thanks silver

7 years ago#6
7 years ago#7
Outstanding. Enjoy zhe game.
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