What is screen tearing??

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6 years ago#1
Yeah. I've seen a couple reviews on this game. A lot of them mention screen tearing. What exactly is this?
6 years ago#2

basically when you rotate the camera quickly you can see distortion in the image in the form of lines across the screen(not like black lines..just obvious breaks in the image aimilar)...I realise that sounds really terrible and I probably could have explained it betterbut itreallyisn't that bad and I hardly even notice it anymore...and besides they are patching it so just forget about it being a problem.

6 years ago#3

and before you ask I don't know what an aimilor is or why i wrote that...i cant even figure out what i tried to write lol

6 years ago#4
if you have the 360 version of the game, you will notice, when you are turning the camera, the 2 halves of the screen (lower and upper), are not aligned with each other. Its very subtle, and happens for less than a milli second, but it should never. Games should have v-sync setting that keeps this from happening.
There is talk that there is a patch in the process, which should stop this.
6 years ago#5
It appears to me they unlocked the frame rate for the 360 version. The only place in any games I have noticed tearing is in games with no vysnc option. (such as borderlands for pc -- which you can force in a text file)

the only time I have noticed tearing is where the framerate is actually exceeding 60fps. Because it is not locked down. I'm sensitive to it and it makes me sick to look at it too long. I could only play this game in small bursts.
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6 years ago#6
I could only play this game in small bursts.

that's what she said. sorry, im bored
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6 years ago#7

There ya go, Yay wiki.

Screen tearing becomes increasingly noticeable if you know what it looks like as well. It drives me insane. Many video games have this issue on consoles because V-sync can be very intensive on the graphics hardware.

Saints Row is a good example of a game with an enormous amount of screen tearing. They actually released a patch later down the line that added a v-sync option but the game took a pretty big performance hit for it. It ran with far less frames. So it's often a toss-up on a console. Lower framerate or no screen tearing.
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6 years ago#8
I notice that problem all the time with a lot of my games, makes me feel better, i thought it was my console acting up or something lol, doesnt really bother me at all, just grown use to it for the past 4 years
6 years ago#9
Ok I take that back, in this game it is really noticeable up to the point it's beginning to annoy me..
6 years ago#10
I am at the part before you fight the 3rd boss and I have yet to see any screen tearing or game ending glitches
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