am i the only one who was not impressed by darksiders

#51Ozo44Posted 8/29/2012 3:12:10 AM
yeah i bought this for $10 at Best Buy a few months ago and was really pleased. looking forward to digging into Darksiders 2 this weekend.
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Stringerboy posted...
It's a mature Zelda. That alone made me impressed.

THANK YOU! Playing as a little elf-boy in tights was cool for a little while, but twenty-some-odd years later the premise is old. Tired of gannnondorf/gannon/whoever and rescuing this same chick over and over and over and over and triforces and that damn shooting sword...

Heaven, Hell and the Apocalypse is awesome. War would stomp Link and I'd hate to put Epona against War's horse... lol
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olaf73 posted...
Ozo44 posted...
... honestly, my biggest complaint about the game was that there was very little incentive to use other weapons because the sword worked well against everyone.

True. Trying hard to use the unlocked Scythe.

Playing on Apocalyptic now and trying to use the scythe myself. Its great for clearing rooms, but sucks in one to one enemy encounters.

Question: Is it just me, or is Apocalyptic slightly less than... Apocalyptic?