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Where is Vulgrim in Anvil's Ford? (Archived)Taekwondragon27/21/2011
Missing Chests (Archived)paulismonkish37/21/2011
new information about darksiders 2 (Archived)tisuko17/19/2011
Question regarding the passcode included with the game (Archived)Jackalfox47/17/2011
I have just got this game and would liek a little advice. (Archived)joebainbridge37/17/2011
So... I've almost beat it and am going to play through on Apoc.... (Archived)Greg_thestrange57/15/2011
The ending of this game is ultimate badassery (Archived)scary ghost man27/15/2011
Invisible chests (Archived)thejester211277/5/2011
Darksiders New Game Plus (Archived)BerserkGodHand27/5/2011
Iron Canopy & Wrath Cores. (Archived)Seenan147/3/2011
3rd Beam of Light - Last Part with floating thing and three crystals...BUG (Archived)timtopher0537/3/2011
Just got the game, any permanent missables? (Archived)Scirel57/2/2011
this game is awesome (Archived)
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so i have a question about the ending (Archived)Guol47/2/2011
Probably the best action game I've played this gen (Haven'e played Bayontta yet) (Archived)KurtDrakanRedux67/1/2011
Can I go back to The Black Throne? (Archived)Lilith301327/1/2011
How do I see how many kills I have? (Archived)Scirel26/30/2011
Can I carry over the Abyssal Armor to Apocalypse mode from Normal? (Archived)AxelPoe26/30/2011
How do I back track to Drowning Path? I missed the teleport! (Archived)AxelPoe16/29/2011
Is it worth smashing everything I see for blue souls? (Archived)Laffy44426/28/2011
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