What are the "suggestive themes" in this game?

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User Info: Marioface5

7 years ago#1
I really want to buy this game, but I want to make sure my parents won't object to it. So, what are the "suggestive themes"?
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User Info: VeggaGFX

7 years ago#2
Unless they are really religious(since you will be killing angels) I dont see anything wrong with this game... besides the violence, but that is in every game out these days.

User Info: ModMouseFan

7 years ago#3
It is no more suggestive than a star wars movie.
Everything stated above is the opinion of poster, and even when stated as fact is probably wrong.

User Info: Vudoodude

7 years ago#4
You can see tiamat's boobies! Of course, she's a hideous giant bat-dragon thing...so you actually really don't want to see them...

User Info: Atzend

7 years ago#5
The shirtless female zombies and the revealing clothing, or lack thereof, on the phantoms in the Dark Throne.
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  3. What are the "suggestive themes" in this game?

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