How to get back to Iron Canopy

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So I beat the game and am going back to get all the Abyssal Armor pieces, and I can't for the life of me remember how to get [back] to Iron Canopy. Help would be appreciated :)

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Go to the Ashlands and use the Bridge thing with Ruin. Follow that path and you'll get it

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remember the pathway you took going there the first time?
after jumping the Soul Bridge then a long canyon path?
well, at the end are 2 Chain Grapple points. swing across them
and through the webbed door.
to get back up, hit the floating obelisk with your Cross Blade
and Chain grapple the orange point underneath it.
and it'll elevate you back up there.
on the middle floor of that first area is a soul chest and artifact
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I made it for you guys