Information on how to Achieve a Star Rank - Version 1.0

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I second this FAQ being unstickied, it's completely wrong.
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i disagree. i actually think most of the info here is correct.
the point system seems to be true at least, but the whole "no falling off edge, running into walls, etcetc..." those comments aren't necessarily true. i've fallen off edges at least five times in a game and still ended up with a *** rating.
of course, a few of those were target shoqs and people bumping me, and i'm not sure if that counts as negative or not.
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Who cares.
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Yes: my son took a massive tumble in Rainbow Road last week and still made a three star ranking.
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On two GP's I fell off once and still got 3 stars.
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thanks etc
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Thanks a lot for this post, I'm glad I finally checked it out. I was wondering why I wasn't getting a 3 star rank after getting 60 points in certain GP's, but I now know that that is NOT the only factor involved in ranking. 3 stars now, thanks!
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I may have not read everyones posts but when you said Under the effects of a ghost (boo) In the section when you made you 3rd post, there is no boo in MK Wii. Agian, i'm sorry if i havn't read everything (other posts)
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Thank goodness this is stickied...
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Requested to be unstickied.
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