Information on how to Achieve a Star Rank - Version 1.0

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Well perhaps some of the info is wrong, but then again, following the guidelines does encourage you to try to avoid falling and bumping into things.
Those things cause you to lose time, so many racers could wonder why they only got an A when they scared a pretty decent score if it truly is a bit dependant on your track time.
Sure, common knowledge.
This should stay stickied, it helped me get 2 stars, and provides a good general overview of what to and not to do.
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Helpful sticky, ty
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IMO, getting a star rank on MK Wii is WAY easier than geting a star rank on MK DS.
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What did you say?
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Requesting unsticky. Old, outdated, and inaccurate.
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wow. this is helpful. im gonna go get a star rank now thanks to this.
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I get two stars all the time but I only got 3 stars once. It was in a 150CC race too!
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