Information on how to Achieve a Star Rank - Version 1.0

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I still want to know exactly how the "HP" was discovered in Mario Kart DS; is there a specific RAM address or such that it's stored in? Furthermore, since it can be negative (and as such, if it's determined by a RAM address, it's probably a signed integer), could you potentially stay in last long enough to roll the counter back over to a high positive number?
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Four Grand Prixs left to Three-Star.
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Derp, I guess if you stayed in last long enough for the counter to roll over, you couldn't get 40 points, so disregard the latter half of my preceding post.
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Also, I'd like to announce that I'm very skeptical of the "lap times" theory proposed earlier for Mario Kart Wii. I was playing 100cc Leaf Cup the other day, and finished the first two laps of Bowser Castle 3 in about 0:59:00. Then the CPUs rained all sorts of mayhem down on me during the final lap, running my last lap time over 1:15:00. Despite that happening and other mistakes on other courses, I got a triple-star ranking. Granted, I was using the Mach Bike, but I wasn't using a character with Speed bonuses, or Manual drift, and a lap time sixteen seconds over a natural lap not counting against me seems odd by that theory.
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Omg does anyone still play this? :') If you wanna kart lemme know! We can exchange FCs or something. <3
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i play this game every time my wife goes to school screen name is venom i have a weak rank now because i made a new name you play dbz budakai tenkaiechi 3 online ill exchange friend codes on both
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The last time I tried to point out that this "guide" is basically made up, all my posts got deleted. Whatever moderator "on duty" back then was more concerned with everybody playing nice than misinformation being thrown about as site-sanctioned fact. Luckily, it seems that guy is not around anymore, to the benefit of the boards and site as a whole.

This guide amounts to little more than a suggestion; guesswork and lying do not belong in stickies that new players may mistake for legitimate information and should be unstickied and preferably deleted immediately.

This is like posting a faq/movelist for something like Street Fighter 2 on a Street Fighter 4 board. They're the same, right?

Why is this pile of dross still here? It's wrong! Delete it!
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I'm surprised that there's no discussion on how to obtain 4 stars...

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I'm half way to getting a "gold wheel with three stars" on it! I can't beat anymore courses with a three star rank!
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Honestly people I think this guide helped me tons! Sure the point value is off, but now I know the main do's and don'ts. And ain't what this is about? So if anybody has anything negative to say... SHUT UP AND KEEP IT TO YOUR SELF! After all, we gotta agree to disagree.