Expert Staff Ghosts Topic v.2 - FAQ, Unlock Times, Tips

Posted: 9/6/2008 10:14:45 PM
The main reasons for this update are that (a) the information regarding unlock times is significantly improved over the information in the previous sticky and (b) questions which are frequently asked on this board had not been anticipated and addressed by the previous sticky. One additional reason for the update is that the other topic is getting very close to its maximum post cap, and I didn’t want the thread to die. One factor in its rapid ascent to locked status is that some individuals felt it necessary to frequently post their own accomplishments in the topic, dispute the information/advice given, provide “updates” which were not, in fact, new or unknown information, or other post unnecessarily.

For that reason I would ask that you post only to:

(1) Request friend ghosts from anyone kind enough to offer
(2) Provide real, 100% sure it’s new/unknown information, “I promise never to return to GameFaqs if I’m wrong” updates to the Unlock Times section
(3) Ask real, 100% sure it’s not addressed in the thread already, “I promise never to return to GameFaqs if I’m wrong” questions about unlocking Expert Staff Ghosts
(4) Express gratitude for any help received
(5) Bump the topic on its way to being stickied

If you wish to discuss/dispute any of the information/advice given in the topic, please make an “ATTN:” topic.

If you wish to toot your own horn, celebrate your accomplishments, publicly track you own progress, etc. please do that in another topic as well.

Thank you.

MKWii Name: gopher_p
MKWii FC: 3222-6467-8070

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