How do I unlock Sonic?

#1Donald_DDKPosted 1/17/2009 12:43:20 AM
I'm new to this game, and I was just wondering if there's a way to unlock sonic, and if yes how.
#2inviso87Posted 1/17/2009 12:44:25 AM
Barrel roll....perform it.
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#3bowserjr901Posted 1/17/2009 5:17:43 AM
U want the brawl board
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#4ironfalcon5Posted 1/17/2009 5:59:04 AM
Follow my directions closely. Ok first Win 100cc Special Cup, then after you do so go straight to your Mii channel. Then proceed to make a Sonic mii if you dont have one already. After that is done use him as your mii on your license. Then ta-da Sonic is unlocked and you can race as him.
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#5MustashioPosted 1/17/2009 9:33:20 AM
I unlocked that dude within the first five minutes of playing the game. Use him with Boo Pipes FTW.
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#6R0oKPosted 1/17/2009 9:47:29 AM
Sonic is not in the game. Don't listen to these trolls. Man, I hate trolls.
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#7connorcrowPosted 1/17/2009 10:26:29 AM
>_> at rooks post, :O at rooks post :D at rooks post

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#8sk8r_ryanPosted 1/17/2009 11:17:28 AM
Man, I hate trolls.
I know, trying to eat those poor billy goats.
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#9froggie486Posted 1/17/2009 11:38:58 AM
You have to unlock Petey Piranha first =)
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#10zzanmatoPosted 1/17/2009 12:02:46 PM
Don't listen to these trolls. Man, I hate trolls.
Those guys are *not* trolling. The description GF gives for Trolling is to solely to annoy and/or offend other posters, which is not the case. If you report those messages as trolling, they will not be deleted, because the TC asks for it.

If there is one person trolling, then it's the TC. He/she surely knows there is no Sonic in this game and wants others to react to him in an "unlimited-cheat" story. And IF he/she really didn't know, then you can also find on GF that you have to check FAQs before asking questions as these ones on the message boards.
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