Mario Kart Jokes (Don't laugh too hard!)

#1teekarterteePosted 6/3/2009 9:30:29 AM

Mario Kart needs some jokes. No, not like Baby Daisy, but classic ha-ha jokes. Like...

Which vehicle can jump the highest? The Magikruiser, because it has the best OFFROAD!

I call Bowser on the Wario bike "the Machete", because it's a green chopper!

Why does Mario hate Jaws? Because he's the best with his Torpedo on Peach's Gardens! (Alternate answer: You work it out)

Knock knock?

Who's there?

Blue shell.

Blue She... ARGGGH!!!

Post your own below. Some of them might actually be good =)

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Mario Kart Jokes (Don't laugh too hard!)

Am I allowed to not laugh at all? Those jokes were...bad...
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Winnar. Well, would be if he still came to the board consistently. Most probably don't know who he is.
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Man, I've never laughed and/or knee slapped so much in my entire life.