To those who may like the custom made tracks:

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6 years ago#31
Oh what the hell, I'll try these tomorrow, afterall I have the correct SD card needed.
6 years ago#32
im using 4.2U and a 4gig SD card
6 years ago#33
I tried for about an hour messing around with the tools (I already own USB Gecko, so no need to hunt for files), but decided it was much harder to use than, say, BrawlBox and gave up. I might get into track creation when the tools get to be a little easier to use.
6 years ago#34
^Are you talking about the SZS modifier? Yeah that thing is difficult to use, but then again, it was primarily made for texture hacking. You probably already know this, but there is a course creator in the works that's supposedly far more user-friendly in making custom tracks than the SZS mod is.
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6 years ago#35
Well I got a chance to play these a while ago, and I have to say they're pretty cool. Mushroom Peaks, Space Road, and Chomp Valley are my top 3 favorites.
6 years ago#36
To clear up questions...

You can go online with them BUT ONLY if its a private room
If you enter a WW, other people without the custom tracks will see you moving around on the mini map in strange places, not on the track at all. Visa versa for you... and you might be banned.

About TTing,
I would highly recommend using a different license for TTing on, as you could replace your legit course time with the custom course time accidentally. The only problem with TTing that I have noticed is if you TT on Thwomp Cave, your time may be faster than the actual BC3 WR (in my case yes, 1:58:345) but it is not easy to get such a time >_>.

If you do beat the WR on a Custom Track and submit it to wifi, you'll be 1st on leaderboards but ninty should delete the time after a while anyways but you might be banned.
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6 years ago#37
I was busy racing Snes RR and I noticed something.
The two item boxes which are hard to get only contain good items.
The first item box is the one at the left of the last jump of the 3 jumps that are close to eachother.
And the second item box is at the left of the very last jump.

The first one contains only mega mushrooms, if your have a mega mushroom activated you will get a single mushroom.

And the second one contains stars and single mushrooms.

I'm sure this is old news to most of you, but the people who recently downloaded this might not know it.
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6 years ago#38
im using 4.2U and a 4gig SD card

Exactly the same as me so I can def help you. Where exactly are you having problems? Are courses not loading? Are you having problems getting the files onto the SD card?
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6 years ago#39
So they've got Green Hill Zone working. That's a dang good course. The only thing it needs is some kind of obstacles.
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MKwii - 'nanas/FiBs/greens; dodge it or lose
6 years ago#40
In case someone asks, go here to get the GHZ track:

Just a simple download and replace. I HAD to put the Cataquacks back in though, as the track needs a few obstacles(as does any track).
MKWii ~ [bD]thondm/[bD]t.Daisy - 1376 7564 9816
MKwii - 'nanas/FiBs/greens; dodge it or lose
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