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6 years ago#1
OK. I usually go for funny and slightly inappropriate Mii names. Currently my wife and I are racing as RubberBush and Tug McCord. I'm looking for some inspiration. What are some of the good ones you've run across? I'm looking to steal any of them, just ideas...
Mario Kart Wii Name - Tug McCord
MKFC 0088-0476-0745
6 years ago#2
I don't know if you could consider these as good names, but I've come across...

EC2*Shadow (I think this is a clan)
Si*Shadow (same as above)
M Nib
Jack Atlas
Mx*MowZ (cool name, but it belongs to someone from here)

If you want unusual names, I've encountered...

EyeCanSee! (geeky-looking Mii)
I Pharted!

There's more but I can't recall...
6 years ago#3
Nintendo 5 Star Forum
6 years ago#4
what about
6 years ago#5
MKW FC: 3180-7212-5390
6 years ago#6
MKW FC: 3180-7212-5390
6 years ago#7
There was a guy named P-Nis once. XD
MKWii FC: 4125-1490-7449= MKRunner
6 years ago#8
Jack Atlas is my alt. <_<
I used to use the Jetsetter on it but I got to 9999 VR when playing on it after Xmas so... :/
6 years ago#9
"Jack Atlas is my alt. <_<"

Really? The Jack Atlas I raced was a blond-haired male Mii using Rosa/Flame Runner. Lol no wonder, I thought he was too good of a racer for only having VR on the high 8000.
6 years ago#10
Yep, that's the one. I use Rosa mostly, unless I feel like using the Dolphin Dasher.
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