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One year later (for most), what's your progress at? (Archived)
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Is this game worth it? (Archived)deathbeat6056/18/2009
Rhythm Boxing tips - problems with advanced sequences (Archived)joenumpty16/17/2009
Does anybody know how much a 14 year old boy shoudl weigh? (Archived)
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Nintendo Trainer Wish List (Archived)Pyroteus56/16/2009
Will this work all right if it isn't direcly in front of the TV? (Archived)Lord Loofiloo36/16/2009
I weigh just around 200 pounds but Wii Fit says 250 pounds!? (Archived)KenshinXSlayer36/15/2009
Boxing is my sport (Archived)wii_wolf_freak26/8/2009
Has there been any word on how this and Plus will work together? (Archived)mysterydogg16/5/2009
Questions about the wii fit battery (Archived)clrockny2436/5/2009
What does my Burn-Rate % Mean? (Archived)Thegreatlark35/31/2009
Question about activity level vs. weight loss (Archived)ITryToBeNice25/29/2009
Way to make jogging more accurate? (Archived)Desperado1935/29/2009
Haha I did 20 Jack Knifes!! (Archived)
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Will the we fit help me . (Archived)cjsdowg85/27/2009
my mom lives far from me and i cant go to her house right now but her and my sis (Archived)mayormccheese0125/24/2009
My Wii Fit research would benefit from your input, thanks! (Archived)Activeroo75/23/2009
Might get this (Archived)Fighterkirby105/22/2009
lotus game (Archived)meloSG1625/20/2009
I usually do Strength & Aerobics.. but if I dont....? (Archived)davegrams45/19/2009
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