Making a Comeback!

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User Info: NyBxJkw718

5 years ago#11
I would LOVE to play this game again!!
MOHH2 Veteran since December 17th, 2007,Mario Kart Wii FC: 4081-5879-8907, SSBB FC: 0473-7444-1617

User Info: Skizam33

5 years ago#12
NyBxJkw718 posted...
I would LOVE to play this game again!!

I would LOVE to suck you off again.

BC sh1zAym
<3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo call me babe

User Info: JakeThomspon

5 years ago#13
w00t w00t!

User Info: ebola5021

5 years ago#14
MoH was and remains to be the funnest fps game on wii. I miss it.

-AoW Ebola

User Info: vT_dopehead

5 years ago#15
lol gg Lotrboy

User Info: LOTRboy88

5 years ago#16
vT_dopehead posted...
lol gg Lotrboy

Yeah, gg.

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