Dude, I totally melee killed...

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8 years ago#1
[insert name here] last night.

When people call you out like this on GameFAQ's, don't you kind of get that same embarassed stomach in your throat feeling like back when you were in junior high and you got caught jankin' it? I mean, back before you learned that jankin' it was something cool to brag about?

I janked it 3 times while writing this post.
8 years ago#2
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8 years ago#3
oh yeah? well, I yanked it 3 times while trying to figure out the story. >:U
I liek 2 plai action gamez! =D MoH: H2- bayo
any where you see "bayo", it may be me... xP
8 years ago#4
I totally got Melee killed by JBBANANAZTKO on Friday night in a Sewer CTF!

He didn't bag me or buy me dinner though, so I was a little disappointed.
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8 years ago#5
i melee killed Bchollywood ^_^
8 years ago#6
ouch DREAMR, that hurts. I thought we were a team man.

CaliSurfDude + DREAMR = "California Dreams" (kinda like that cheesy early 90's rip off of Saved by the Bell)
8 years ago#7
I melle'd JBB once. He's only gotten me once to, so it's all good.
MoHH2 Persona:S3thamiser Brawl Code 2406-4958-2794
8 years ago#8
Dudes, I totally melee killed myself last night. Reflective friendly fire ftw
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8 years ago#9
well i can't let you just kill me now can i...wouldn't be fair to myself...
8 years ago#10
Thanks for mentioning me guys

Also Seth I thought I got u more than once cause we have played a couple of rifle games together but I guess one time is good enough

Also lets see best one I have gotten was a 1 hit melee on Odyseeysx I got him with 1 hit u can ask him yourself

Also lets see I guess HaveANiceDay meleeing me but we always go at it
MOHH2 Persona JBBANANAZ, and JBBANANAZTKO Brawl name:JBTKO(proud tko member since january)
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